what i did today

Things I did today (October 25, of course):

I brought one of Tennyson's friends home from school and the boys played all day. Of course I had to remind Tennyson a number of times that following Mommy around while his friend played on his own isn't the nicest thing to do, otherwise it was a success! The little boy we brought home had never been here before and Tennyson was so very excited to have a friend over.

I made a pizza. It was delicious. I used my whopper chopper to cut up the mushrooms, and there were clouds of diced mushrooms over all the pepperoni. I love pizza. Steven loves pizza. I love when Steven eats it and comments on just how good it is. Score!

I took four kids to the walk-in to deal with Jordan's aching ear. I was there for an hour and 40 minutes. In that time Elliot pushed a little sad boy and freaked out his mom, resulting in me trying to hold her on my lap for the next fifteen minutes while she screamed and kicked and sweated and turned red. Eventually I let her go and she decided to be nice. Steven came and took Elliot home, and my friend Catherine picked up Tennyson to take him to a school event. Jordan started to cry and insist that her ear no longer hurt because she didn't want to be late for the school event. Mitchie ran around and showed off in his pirate costume. When we got in the doctor took one look in her ears and announced that there was nothing wrong with them so we left. It was awesome.


I took the kids to the school for a french Halloween party. They ran, danced, played The Witch Says (not unlike Simon says), ate cupcakes and stayed up past bedtime.

I ditched the kids at home and went to Amy's house to watch Twilight: New Moon. I swear I don't just watch the movies so I can make fun of them. The other day I said to Steven that I wanted to get into acting. He said "Oh yeah," in such a way that he wasn't really thinking much at all about what I said. "No, I really think I should get into acting," I said. He said nothing. He doesn't know how to propel these conversations, even though my expected response is really obvious. Finally I said "Steven, seriously, you are supposed to say 'why do you want to get into acting.'" He sighed, "Okay," he said. "Why do you want to get into acting?" "Because if Twilight Girl can do it anybody can! And I could make, like 20 million a movie!"

I. Am. Hilarious. I know. You don't have to tell me. But if you want to you can just do it in the comment section. Don't feel as though you have to phone me or anything.


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