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kids and cookies

I'm downstairs right now, and Steven is upstairs sleeping on the couch. We made cookies yesterday - monster cookies. They are fantastic. I can hear the kids popping the lid off the container and then quickly running away. I know they're in the cookies, they're not half as sneaky as they think they are!

I'm letting them away with it. For a little while.

Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas

So Christmas day has come and (almost) gone again this year. Crazy. We spend months planning and stressing and shopping and baking and cooking and "poof" it's over in a few short hours. And by the end of it all, the kids are crabby and over-sugared, the husband is (a little) grumpy and my house is a disaster.

I still love Christmas.

But I'm very happy to hit the sheets with a new book at the end of the day!

Merry Christmas to you all!

trail mix

"I ate some pizza and some milk. And it went in the waterfall in my tummy," said Tennyson. He's so smart. And sometimes overly sassy about it.

The other day Steven told him for the umpteenth time to clean up his toys. Tennyson told him: "Don't be so bossy." Daddy wasn't too impressed. Mommy may have secretly laughed a little.

Steven's sick on the couch tonight. He thinks he's freezing cold, so he's wearing layers of clothes and wrapped in a queen sized flannel comforter. He still says he's cold. He feels about 800 degrees. I think it's a flu thing.

Jordan - the girl who antagonizes her father by refusing him hugs, kisses or kindness somedays - is very concerned. She's trying to get him to eat supper, giving him multiple kisses and hugs and fetching him pillows. It's sweet. Nothing like the deathbed to bring them closer!

I rented The Other Boleyn Girl to watch tonight. I asked Steven if he'd watch it with me. He said he'd …

the giggles

I found this on another blog, and I don't know what it is about this cake, but I cannot stop laughing. I'm sitting here right now, laughing my ass off with tears running down my face. I was looking at Twilight parodies on YouTube and I'm burning some major laugh-calories tonight. But I had to share this cake with you so I stole it!

for the record...

I'm usually the one who tells Steven NOT to scare the kids. You should have seen the heck he got from me the time he told Jordan there was a drain monster. You know. In the bathtub.

on zombies

Tennyson: Can me have cereal?

Me: No. Eat your pancake.

Tennyson: But I'm a zombie. Zombies don't eat pancakes. Zombies eat gass.

Me: They eat what?

Tennyson: Gass

Me: Grass?

Tennyson: yep. Zombies eat gass.

Me: No they don't. They eat brains.

Tennyson: They don't eat brains.

Me: Yes they do. They pull the top of your head off and eat your brain out.

Tennyson: [somewhat worriedly] I don't want them to eat my brain.

Me: Then don't play with zombies.

they're not starving - i hope

Okay, here's my question.

I have three kids of my own, ages 1, 2 and 4. I babysit another boy (he's 5) from 11:30am until late afternoon. They eat rather well at lunch. They'll scarf down sandwich after sandwich. I let them keep going until they run out of steam. Yesterday the two older ones at multiple fried egg sandwiches and scoop after scoop of kraft dinner. Then Tennyson asked for an orange. I gave them all oranges. After the first orange, they proceeded to beg for more oranges.

I'm pretty sure they weren't still hungry.

I said no.

Do you think it's mean to cut them off? Because I know they could sit and eat half a box of oranges without actually being hungry for them. It's like cake - I could eat loads of cake. It's not about being hungry.


cold. shopping.

I'm seriously not impressed with the cold. It's -24 degrees (-11.2 F, according to google) outside.

Other things don't impress me either. I took the boys shopping after dropping Jordan off at nursery school. They were fine in Walmart until the very end, when I was ringing up my order and Tennyson buggered off for the door. The door guy said he'd watch him for me. A little embarrassing, but a relief.

Sobeys - again, well behaved until checkout time. Then Tennyson headed toward the door. Jordan always goes to check if anyone left any candies in the candy machine opening. I assumed that he had done the same. I called his name a couple of times and then ran over there to grab him. He wasn't there. I checked the entrance. Not there either. I had left Mitchell in the lane with the checkout girl. I was just about to freak out, thinking that he had made it to the parking lot when a lady tells me he had circled back around one of the checkouts.

Some days they could just about …