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slow blogging day?

Yes, it appears to be. I have a list of the blogs I read on the right side of this page. Some are people I know, some are people that people I know know (it made sense in my head, trust me), and some are strangers who happen to have interesting blogs. Thank goodness for the strangers because it would seem that my friends have more to do with their free time than blog purely for my enjoyment. That's fine, no hard feelings :)

This will be random topics, sorry for those of you who like more straight forward stuff.
My poor husband has worked his butt off this last week. He works 12 hour shifts, and he's picking up a few extra. This has pretty much killed any days off he may have had. His last shift is on Saturday night, the ninth one in a row. Of course, on top of feeling sorry for him I also feel sorry for myself! It's bloody lonely! I do have my kids to keep me entertained (or crazy, depending), but after a while it would be nice to have a conversation that doesn't have to…

down home cookin' people . . .

Today I worked for Verna and catered a wedding. It was delicious - the food, not the wedding. I admit, I wrote it that way intentionally. I'll refrain from lame wordplay humor. Maybe.

The best part was that when I got there, my grandma was there too! I haven't worked with Grandma since 1999 when she owned the restaurant, before I quit. I always liked working with her. Hopefully we can do more of it! The cool thing about small towns and knowing people is that resumes and interviews are unnecessary. I left a message on Verna's answering machine that went something like this:

"Hi Verna, I moved back to Portage and was wondering if you ever need any extra help with catering events. Let me know."

She called me back and gave me some dates and times, and thus began our professional relationship.

Funny employee/supervisor story: I was at MacDonald's yesterday during a night out on the town with Deanne. We were watching as this lady moved about the store trying to sweep u…

recap on the kid who ate the pin . . .

I bumped into a teacher that I subbed for in the past. Of course I didn't recognize her, since I rarely ever actually see these teachers. We were in the gym for an addictions awareness booth-type thing where the students can walk around and get information on a number of things. I started talking to one of the teachers about the kids, and she was going on about how she had such rude students this year. Turns out, the class was the one where the kid ate the pin. I asked (with concern of course), how the boy was doing, and what became of that. He'll be fine, he just has to poop it out. Ouch.

Anyway, the final chapter of this story is thus: He accidentally swallowed the pin while making an effort to shoot it out of a straw and impale another kid with it. Little bugger. Needless to say, nobody feels too sorry for him anymore.

the mind may starve, but the body does not . . .

Have I ever been bad lately. Eat eat eat, that's all I do. Last night Deanne and Travis came over for supper and games. The spoils of the night were thus: an entire pan of oatmeal cake, three bags of chips, pop, sugary tea. Not that I didn't have help with this stuff, but I was definitely not good. Not to mention that I gained back half the weight I lost lately. This is so frustrating! I want to snack, I love snacking! I love rootbeer and chips and dessert. I also want to run, but my treadmill is so not working. It's a little cold to take the baby for walks. Jordan I'd walk with, but not Tennyson. My husband works an average of 50 hours a week, and I've actually been working a fair bit also. It's hard to find time for me! I know these are all excuses, blah blah blah. I know I could do aerobics, but that's kind of frustrating when I've got two kids. I have a tape that's 70 minutes long. Last time I tried to do it it took me over two hours because I h…

oh how the mind starves . . .

There are some serious discrepancies in this blogging thing. For instance, I blog somewhat regularly. On the other hand, Lyla is a big slacker. BIG!! And Sonya has this whole "my computer broke down" excuse. Ha. Excuses. I'm having withdrawal. It's bad enough that I am so delighted to come on here everyday and blog, never mind having nobody's blog to read! You know what I do? I read the blogs of total strangers because my friends don't feel the need to provide me with intellectual sustenance.

Guilt trip enough for you? I hope so!

Seriously though, love you guys and keep them coming!

resumes, cover letters, interviews - oh my!

I'm working on a cover letter right now. I never really know what to say in a cover letter. I tend to be a pretty modest person, and I never know how to write down my strengths without sounding like I'm bragging. That's probably what they expect though.

Do you ever feel like even though you build yourself up on paper and write a fantastic resume, that they'll see right through you during the interview? Perhaps we should give more credit to the person we've described on paper.

This is so tough, and I really really want this job, so I'd rather not botch the first impression (even if it is on paper). It's for a Grade 10 English and Geography teacher. It would be perfect. I'd love nothing more than to teach English, and with a bit of polishing I could do pretty well at geography too.

Wish me luck. Or better yet I'll wish myself luck, hope I get an interview, and then try my darnedest to show them that I didn't invent some fictitious resume character!


i hope the other guy looks as bad as i do!

Surgery is done. You know, you'd think surgery would be all flowers and candy, but in real life, it really isn't. Okay, so nobody really thinks it's all flowers and candy. I had surgery on my eye eight years ago, and I think I have forgotten what a real bummer it is.

Funny story: the first night home, my conformer came out. A conformer is a little thing that goes just under the eyelids to sort of keep room in there for my soon-to-come eyepiece. It is not the ball that is implanted. That never comes out. I told my Grandma that the conformer had come out, and because of the swelling I couldn't get it back in for the life of me. Steven tried too, no luck. She tells my mom this. Remember in school when you'd play telephone, and the kid at the front of the row would whisper a message to the kid behind him, and back the message would travel until it hit the back of the row and then you'd compare the starting message and the ending message, and see how different they w…