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Quinn & Lyla Bogusky

If you'd like to see more pictures of their big day, click here!

viewer discretion is advised...

...because this is a video of Steven beating someone to death.

i'm in serious need of a motivational boost!

I have a workout plan. I know how many days a week I want to do cardio and how often I want to do this strength training workout I photocopied out of a fitness magazine. It's actually designed to target the areas that women complain about post-baby.

I also wrote out a list of attainable daily goals - drink lots of water, don't eat after supper, etc. There's nothing on there about depriving myself or eating ridiculous amounts of veggies. It's all very doable.

The problem?

I just can't do it! I exercised more in my 9th month of pregnancy than I do now. I ate better. I cannot seem to find any motivation to get up and move around. Except for that one time I tried to run and ended up tumbling down the sidewalk. I eat EVERYTHING that comes within an eight foot radius of me. The whole "no eating after supper" thing? Um, yeah. Not going so well. The other night I decided to postpone my dinner, and instead watch the kids eat theirs and then have something with Steven…


Wal*Mart has a deal on right now for a small picture package for only $4.99. Apparently there's no catch, it actually is only $4.99.

I'm going to bring my kids to get their picture done all together! I'd wait for Christmas, but I figured I'd sneak in an extra one since it's so inexpensive.

The only problems?
Mitchell is too small for any season appropriate clothes he has. He's been wearing nothing but sleepers for the last 6 weeks. I have lots of baby boy summer stuff from Tennyson, but it's not exactly summer.Jordan's clothes are getting a little shabby. I really have to go and get her a few new things.
My solution? I'm going to put them all in the cutest sleepers they have - and yes, Jordan still has a few! - and bring their quilts and get them to do a picture of my kids in their jammies with their special quilts.

Please tell me - is this cute, or way too cheesy? Personally, I think it'll be cute!

And BTW, I totally plan on blogging about Lyla's…

emotional meltdowns

My boys are driving me nuts. They're both crying right now. That's why I'm down here in computerland avoiding them.

Oh I know, I'm supposed to walk around with the baby on my shoulder and the toddler on my hip, but I'm just not in the mood for it at the moment!

Mitchell is a pretty good baby - as long as he's being held. Seriously, I can't lay him down on his own for a few seconds without that lip quivering. Sometimes Jordan will come and entertain him with her baby voices and he seems to like that. Other times I just let him cry for a bit, or flip him onto his tummy. He peters out faster that way.

Tennyson has been having emotional meltdowns lately, and I know it's probably baby related. Little things set him off and he cries - only it's not really crying, it's this high pitched, shrieky, wailing howl. I am so tired of listening to it!! If I could record it and stick it on here I would, okay, not really. I don't want it infiltrating computerla…

mitchell's first portraits

I did call back Wal*Mart later on this morning, hoping to find someone who knew enough about the computer to book me an appointment. Turns out that at least some people aren't Amish! They had a space at 2 o'clock for me. Being that I'm a bad 3rd time mommy who hasn't developed any pictures of the baby, or even bought an album, I jumped on the opening.

When I got to the studio, I had to give them the spelling of my name and the baby's name for the file. Did I mention that I did this on the phone already? Then I waited a minute, because the guy was going to let the more experienced woman take Mitchell's pictures. He assured me that she was awesome so I figured that yes, I'd wait a minute for her.

She actually was pretty good. She took 8 different poses of him, each different in more ways than simply exchanging a teddy bear for a bucket and shovel. There was a pose of him in a basket, one of him in all-black surroundings, one of him with his head cradled in my h…

not a good sign

I called WalMart to make an appointment to get Mitchell's picture taken. The girl who answered the phone didn't know how to use the computer so she told me to call back later when someone else might be there.

CSI portage


this is my seventh post today . . .

. . . so I am soooo off the hook for like ever now.

5 weeks


a little post-nap bedhead

Isn't he just the prettiest . . . um . . . cutest thing?

No idea why people keep telling me how cute my "girls" are. And no, those curls are not going to get snipped off for quite some time!

birthday boy

I love this picture! It was taken on or around Steven's 30th birthday, and I swear, he doesn't look a day over 29. He's also sporting the new jacket I bought him!

first day of school

A little post dated, but that's okay!

2 weeks

Ok, I did find some 2 week pictures!


I have totally fallen into the group of moms who only ever took pictures of the first kid. To be fair, I did take pictures of Tennyson when I'd think about. Okay, to be honest, I did take pictures of Tennyson when it occurred to me that it had been a while.

And then there was Mitchell. I took pictures the first week (or couple of days) and he is now 5 weeks and 1 day old. I am shameful. I was actually going to take a couple to post a 5 week picture on here, but then I couldn't find my camera. This has got to stop happening to me!

I will take and post a picture of him today. Now that it's in writing I have to!

uh oh, here she comes

I went for a walk last week along my route that takes me down the pedestrian path along Island Park. Okay, I apologize for the shittiness of that sentence, and for the vulgarities. But we're all adults here, and it takes less energy to simply apologize than it does to backspace all this nonsense.

Where was I ... ah yes, Island Park.

I was walking along the footpath, and up ahead I noticed runners. Not the shoes, the people. A bunch of teenagers were running along one of the North/South streets and turning onto the path ahead of me. I noticed more and more of them, so I assume it was for phys. ed. At first I thought maybe it was the track team, but there were too many slackers. The track students would have a little more motivation right?

I came up to the intersection as the last of the students made the turn ahead of me. The last two students were motivationally challenged and apparently had decided to see how much walking they could get away with.

Have I mentioned that I substituted …

workout woes

I've been thinking to myself "self, you have gotten very fat. Time to get up off that big behind." So today I did. Do you want to know what happened? Do you? Good, I'll tell you.

I walked my 4.7 mile route. A few minutes in, I decided to run part of it. I used to run a lot in my slightly younger days. I think it was my grade 12 year that I got up every morning and ran a few miles before breakfast and school. Since then I've kind of run on and off, although not with the dedication that I used to.

Today I decided I'd run part of my walk. I ended up running close to a mile of it. The downside? I fell. I was running along and I tripped on a chunk of sidewalk that had lifted and I fell. I couldn't believe how hard I went down, because I managed to scrape one of my palms (not too badly), and skinned the knuckles on the other hand. On top of that I took skin off both my knees and rubbed my shoulder and one of my hips along the pavement. I swore, and then shook it …

which disney princess are you?

Oh I know which Disney Princess I am. Here are the lyrics to my theme song...
Every time she finds a minute
That's the time that they begin it
Cinderelly, Cinderelly
Cinderella!Cinderelly, Cinderelly
Night and day it's Cinderelly
Make the fire, fix the breakfast
Wash the dishes, do the mopping
And the sweeping and the dusting
They always keep her hopping
She goes around in circles
Till she's very, very dizzy
Still they holler

Cinderelly, Cinderelly!

do you ever notice...

...that when you post something sappy or well thought out that nobody responds? Yet if you insert a little poo into a story you get more comments than you have with that last 84 posts? It's quite anomalous. Okay, it's not such a mystery - everybody loves a good poo story.

Speaking of poo, did you also know that baby poo does not wash out of things? Jordan was the worst - when she was a baby she pooped out of every diaper she was ever in. I remember peeling her out of poopy clothes and dropping her straight into the bathtub for a good hosing. Seriously, there weren't enough baby wipes to clean up some of those messes. After she was clean (for the time being), I'd be standing over the bathroom sink, scrubbing poo out of my favorite sleepers before putting them into the wash so that they wouldn't stain.

This time around I thought maybe I was just being anal, and that I should just chuck everything into the wash. It'll come out right? NOT. This tiny, innocent 8 poun…

i got nothin

I really do. You'd think I'd have all sorts of stories to tell about the kids and the new baby and stuff. You want to know what's new?
We don't go too far. I'm not all that eager to load three kids into a shopping cart. Besides, with three kids in there I'd have no room for groceries anyway.The older two are squirrelly. Probably something to do with not leaving the house much. I should probably find an auntie or something who wants to entertain a kid (or two) for an hour! Seriously though - they fight and cry and push each other off things. It's great.The baby? Well, anyone who's ever had a newborn or been around one knows that they sleep a lot. At least during the day.That's about it! Sorry it's not more entertaining. I need to send Steven out with a kid in a loose diaper again so I've got something to talk about.

Um, just noticed that some of my options are missing. Like bullets - where are my bullets? I love bullets! Oh hey, I fixed it . . …

pooper scoopin'

S: [coming in the door with the kids in tow, back from renting a movie] Tennyson's pants might be dirty, there was a small accident at the movie store.T: Oh no, you forgot the diaper bag?S: Yeah, but I had a new diaper in the van.T: So what's the problem?S: It was kind of my fault. This morning after the bath I put Tennyson's diaper back on. It was clean, but the tab was ripped off so I sort of just rigged it shut.T: [laughing] So the poop got out of his pants?S: Yep. We were walking around the store, and suddenly I noticed poop on the floor.T: [still laughing] What did you do? Just run away?S: No, I picked it up. I really had to wash my hands after.T: YOU DIDN'T USE TOILET PAPER?S: I didn't want the guy to see.T: What guy?S: The guy helping us find the movie.T: You just sneakily picked up the poop in your hand?S: Yep.

only one more day . . .

. . . until my husband turns 30!

Yesterday Steven's sisters, mom, Aunt & Uncle and Grandparents came over to help us celebrate this momentous occasion. They even supplied a LOT of delivered pizza. It was delicious. It was delicious again today, and I'm sure it will be again tomorrow!

Thanks guys, it was a good time and I'm still full.

The only downside was that we somehow forgot to play cards at some point last night. Next time!

Recipe Blog

I want to start a recipe blog, and have all of us in this little "blog circle" as contributors! Sonya thinks it's a good idea and has even suggested some names for the blog:
Time for Faspa?Good eats?What's cooking in your kitchen?There should be a picture of the dish if possible too!
Let me know if you have any more ideas for names and then we'll have a vote and I'll set something up!

one last taste of jezebel

"Why Jezebel? Why did you run if you love me as you say?"

"It is because I love you that I had to leave you - and still must." She looked away, staring at her feet miserably, but the duke would have none of it. He lifted her chin with one forefinger, waiting until her shimmering sapphire eyes reluctantly met his own luminous aquamarine stare.

"What nonsense is this, Jezebel? Why leave now, when we have just found each other?"

"Because my love is cursed!" she cried suddenly, unable to keep the truth inside any longer. "Don't you understand? What I feel for you is madness! It is too strong, too pure and deep to be aught else. It will destroy us both!" She looked up at him, aching with sorrow.

But Rafe simply laughed. "If your love is mad, my sweet, then so is mine, for I assure you what I feel is no less powerful. But I have a cure for it, my love, one that does not require our separation."

"You - you do?" she quavered…

he DID marry jezebel. surprised?

Didn't think so.

Of course they're madly in love with each other.

Turns out that Jezebel's mother loved her father (they're both dead now) with intense crazy passion. He didn't love her back and was embarrassed by the passion and emotion with which she lived her life. His not loving her back drove mother crazy and she killed herself.

Jezebel is convinced that Rafe doesn't love her back, so as much as she'd love to accept his proposal she doesn't want to go crazy. This is especially so since she loves him so much and she doesn't want to burden him with her craziness. She then gets horribly depressed and withdrawn. Imagine how fun it is to read 100 pages of her being depressed and slugging her way through social events. And yes, he had proposed marriage (but not love) because he tainted her. Jeez. That's romantic eh?

In the end, some friends of theirs "help" Jezebel escape, and at the same time write him a note making him think that his fri…

there has got to be more to do online

And no, I don't mean porn. Who's into that stuff anyway? Disgusting.
But seriously, I come on here and check facebook, my blog, everyone else's blog, my email, and then I'm stumped. And some of you haven't been blogging much lately. Don't know if it's writer's block or just laziness. I suppose you could be busy, or just not caring much about your avid loyal fan base. If that's the case, then shame on you - and you know who you are.

I'm not one of these internet surfer people. Steven sits here and reads random websites and watches videos and plays odd games. Sometimes I do play the daily crossword puzzle on msn games, but that only lasts so long. I just can't cruise around the internet like that.

I do have a bit of a blogging "to do" list. I want to write up Mitchell's birth story. I know I promised to tell the story of how I yelled at a few horrible nurses. I want to do it just for my own records anyway, so I figured "hey, wh…