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jumping the gun?

Remember how my New Year's resolution was to learn piano? And how I took piano lessons?

Let's give you my music background. I don't have much. I suppose I did play the clarinet in the school band for seven years. I suppose I wasn't too bad at it. From taking band I sort of know how music "works."

Steven bought me a keyboard about 5 years ago. The keyboard has little built in tutorials so you can learn the songs in the songbook that came with the keyboard. I was actually able to memorize a number of songs (with both hands - yeah, I know, musical genius) and play them fairly well.

After Christmas I started piano lessons. The girl who was "teaching" me piano was a few years younger than me. I don't know if she is just a really gentle person, or whether she was intimidated by having to teach someone older than her, but I found that I didn't get much out of the lessons. I'd basically pick away at songs at home, learn some stuff, and then go and …

the little bit of "spring" BEFORE the big snow storm


miss molly had a dolly

mitchell - 7 months


before and after


battling nature for the bounty

Me: Do you want to have toast and honey for breakfast today?

Jordan: [astonished, never having honey at home before] Mommy! You climbed a tree and got the honey away from the bees??

Me: [proudly] Yes I Did.

Someday they'll believe nothing I say. Until then . . .

no, it's not a spoiler

I just watched Seven Pounds with my mom. It was pretty good. It's one of those movies that unravels as the movie progresses, so you don't really know what's going on at all in the beginning and by the middle you have all these theories. Of course the end of the movie sort of aligns with some of the theories, but it's all done in such an interesting way that you can't possibly predict the outcome in full, even when you kind of know what he's up to.

Unfortunately I can't tell you anything about it because any little hint will ruin at least part of the movie. It is quite ambiguous to begin with and I just can't mess with that!

So go see it.

you're going to marry who?

Or is it whom? Damned if I know. I know, I know, I'm supposed to be this big "English Teacher" as Steven refers to me when I correct his abhorrent use of the English language, but I have issue with this "who" vs "whom" thing, so I do what I do best when faced with such a situation - ignore it. I just use "who" everywhere.

Isn't abhorrent an absolutely fantastic word? I love it! Not like I love Tacos. Thanks Lora, that "taco love" vs "true love" stuck with me! People can tell me deep and honest things about themselves, or their kids, and I can't remember anything. I read something about true love being different than the love of tacos and it stays with me forever.

I just took a break to read some other blog posts and now I've completely forgotten what I was talking about, just give me a sec . . .

Okay, got it.

I was watching Ellen the other day, and for the first time ever she was having her wife Portia as a guest …

snow, snow, go away

I miss summer. I know everyone is saying it right now, so it's not exactly original blog fodder, but I don't care. I miss it. I'm not one of these people who looks forward to the winter half of my year so I can skate and snow mobile. I couldn't give a rats you-know-what about skating and snow mobiling. I don't cross country ski, I don't toboggan when it's not for the kids. I won't miss any of that stuff.
There is an ocean in front of my house. Okay, maybe that's a slight exaggeration, but you should see the monstrous pond in the street. I think today it's going away, but yesterday we walked up and down the street with the kids so they could play in the puddles. The one in front of the street is more pond than puddle (or at least it was yesterday). It was at least three car lengths long, and went from one edge of the street to the other. As annoying as the puddles are, it's amazing to see them. You know what those puddles used to be right? …

ten questions

As borrowed from Lora's blog:
This is the famous "Ten Questions" as popularized by James Lipton on "Inside the Actor's Studio," originated by French television personality Bernard Pivot, after the Proust Questionnaire.

1. What is your favorite word?
A warm and friendly “Hello!” when I phone someone up during the day and my call is a welcome distraction and not an inconvenience.

2. What is your least favorite word?
“Need.” When it is used in place of “want” it is absolutely my least favorite word. It irks me all the time to hear people use “need” when “want” would suffice. Yet it seems that people use it more and more all the time (I'm sure I'm guilty of it too). You don't “need” new clothes, you have a closet full of slightly worn clothes. You “want” new clothes. You don't “need” to go on a trip, get out of town, have an expensive haircut, paint the kitchen, buy new furniture, enroll your kid in every sport the school offers, etc. You “want” all…


No, my secret alias is not Mia.

MIA = missing in action. I have been avoiding posting on here. Why? Because I don't have a ton of stuff to write about. Also, I've discovered that my blog is being followed by a couple of people I'm not related to. Although I'm super excited about it, I'm also a little intimidated!

Sounds silly, I know.

Hear me out. You know how you can be a teenager (I'm not a teenager, we're just being hypothetical) and have big thick coke bottle glasses, zits all over your face, big baggy pants and a baggy sweatshirt hiding the rolls hidden underneath and a perm that went very very wrong and is now only curly on ONE SIDE and your mom still tells you you're beautiful and she'd love to trade faces with you? You know how that feels? You don't have to question it too much, because she's your mom and you know she's probably a little biased. Blogging is a little like that. Until now, only my friends have read my blog. I could …

ooh look at all the babies

Congrats to Deanne & Travis on the birth of their new baby boy. Riley Jack was born on March 4th (weighing in at 9lbs 3oz) to two of the nicest people. He's lucky to have them. He's also lucky to have a whack of hair! Click the links below to see the pictures I posted on facebook:

My babies

Deanne & Travis's new baby boy Riley Jack F. I am an "official" auntie now. Not that it takes away from my unofficial auntie status where Angela's kids and Lorelie's kids are concerned.