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friday night ramblings

I need some clever Friday blog idea. You know, like Not-Me Monday, or Wordless Wednesday. Alliteration is my friend.

Did you know that Vince Vaugn and all his siblings first names start with V? It's true. Go ahead and google that. I'd google the correct spelling of Vaugn, but I don't care that much.

Stuff that happened this week:
a few monster cookies disappeared. It's such a mystery - one minute they were there, the next they weren't. You know what else is cool? That if you buy all the ingredients to make monster cookies and then just leave them in the cupboard, they will make themselves. True story. Zumba!I might have gone for one run. Mitchie didn't pee or poo his pants Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. No accidents. However, if he happened (on a Friday, hypothetically) to leave a puddle on the diaper gym floor, it will instinctively be where all the other little kids just must walk.Play date at a friend's house.Jordan happily told me "Je t'aime Momm…

i'm so sorry!

I didn't mean it Monster Cookies, honest! I love you!

nom nom nom

nom nomnom

stupid monster cookies

I'll show you - nom nom nom.

That's what you get for being so stupid.


T: Mommy, can you do a cartwheel?
M: I can, but not in the house.
T: Can Daddy do a cartwheel?
M: I would love to see Daddy do a cartwheel!

my favorite things

Anything by Jennifer Crusie. Except maybe the last one Maybe This Time. It was alright, but not quite her usual fare. Tim Dorsey's books. They're a little nasty, but well-written. The earlier ones are nastier. I hesitate to recommend them because last time I recommended them, the reader picked up the first one. It was more dark than funny. Whatever.Christopher Moore's books. Funny, unexpected, original.Music
PinkJewelTaylor Swift. There, I said it. Once you get past the really bad grammar and verse after verse of cliche, she's cute and the kids love her, and I don't have to turn the volume off to hide the bad words.Movies
Ever AfterThe Princess BrideAnything watched with the husband (except stuff he chooses)TV
HouseBiggest LoserModern FamilyBig Bang TheoryGrey's AnatomyDesperate HousewivesActivitiesLounging aroundMovie nights with the kidsBeing outside in the summerSwimmingRunningGirls nightsDate nightsSuper Happy Family Fun DaysReadingInterneting

my big big boy

I just bribed Mitchie to poop on the potty. Hallelujah.

This last weekend I decided that it was time for Mitchie to get out of diapers. We've tried once or twice before, but after a few messed pants we've put him back into diapers. Jordan and Tennyson were trained much closer to their second birthdays - Jordan showed loads of interest in the potty before her second birthday so I started her around 22 or 23 months. She was very excited about it. She had accidents forever, but that's beside the point. Mitchell never really showed much interest until lately. I knew that I could have probably done it sooner. The last few weeks he'd come upstairs from playing in the basement to tell me that he'd pooped and he needed a new diaper. Then he'd run to his room ahead of me, and lay on the floor and assume the position.

Yeah, I'd say he was ready. I admit that I put it off myself. This was the one kid that I had to potty train amidst running around for the first couple o…

Hi Tim!!

Say I don't blog will ya?


hoisin sauce

I made stir fry tonight. I decided that it would be a good way to use up all of last week's (still fresh) veggies so that I could wash the Fridge Smart containers and fill them up with all the new veggies that I bought yesterday. Good idea eh?

So I have this hoisin sauce. I bought it once upon a time for a recipe and I love the taste of it. It's nice and Chinese-foody and sweet, and it's probably the stuff they use on Shanghai noodles, among other things. I decided I was going to just start frying stuff and add it. Then I googled "Hoisin sauce" and stir fry and found a really simple recipe. I made it. I added cashews. I'm in love with this new stir fry. It's not like it's something really exotic or crazy fancy or anything like that - it just tastes good and it's ridiculously easy to make.

Guess what. The kids hated it. This is why I don't make nice veggie things often enough, the kids just refuse to eat it, and I fight with them and …

no phone, yet again

I tried to make a phone call this morning only to find the phone lines were dead. Fantastic. This happens every once in a while, and usually I sit on hold on my cell phone using up my minutes while someone on the other end resets my home phone system and eventually gets me up and running again.

I am a phone person. I need a phone.

This morning Steven has the cell phone in Winnipeg. I figured I'd just send shaw an email. I had it all planned out - it was going to be snide, snooty and seriously grumpy. I was going to show them. I was going to threaten to switch to MTS if they couldn't figure out why this kept happening and make it stop.

Just as I was cracking my knuckles and sitting down to the computer in anticipation of the cutting letter I was about to fire off, I figured that I better just double check stuff here on my end.

Good thing. Goofy kids, unplugging incoming lines in the basement.

Believe it or not, behind those cherubic faces are some real little stinkers.

kid stuff

Elliot is still army crawling around the house. The other day she battled her way through the living room, around the corner (where she stopped to lick the leg of the baby swing and roll around for a bit) and into the kitchen where she managed to shove a hunk of toast crust into her mouth. It still amazes me that she does any of this, never mind all of it at once. She is also big into solid foods right now. Eating is her favorite pastime. She has no problem with lumpy food, fruit, veggies, cereal, meat mixtures, cheerios, mum mums, cake or cookies. Break her a little piece of something and she'll hoover it right up. She reminds me of Tennyson in this way. He refused anything resembling baby food once he hit 9 months. He just ate off my plate. Elliot is well on her way, already nibbling at the stuff I'm eating.

Mitchell has been registered for nursery school in September. He's so big. Okay, not literally, since he's my shrimpiest kid when you compare weights and heights …
So, is it just me, or is my blog totally ugly right now?

That's better. Or is it?


Today Jordan curls up beside me on the couch - it's a detour on her way to do something more fun, I'm sure.

"Mommy, how come I don't have a loose tooth?" Some of her friends have lost teeth already.
"Oh I don't know, let me check," I say, knowing she'll open wide and peer at me while I "examine" her teeth. She's so sweet and trusting, and not shy about anything.

I check. I find a loose tooth right in the front on the bottom. She had no idea it was there. Now that she knows, however, it's seriously excitement-worthy.

Kids are awesome.

Elliot now has two teeth on the bottom and one at the top, and like her sister she has opted to sprout the two side teeth on top before the top two middle teeth. She'll be the proud wearer of the Vampire Look for a while. I used to tell Jordan that if she wanted to go out and about with me that she better grow those middle ones in too. I told Elliot that (in a totally goofy, non-threatening voice) a…
I had a short blog post written, but it was stupid. Not that my blog posts aren't all stupid, but whatever.
I was alone in the van tonight after 9pm without the kids, so I put in a Pink CD and rocked out to my bad self. Because if you put it on a raunchy song and turn it up really loud it overrides the fact that one is indeed in a mini van.

Besides, it's a big-ass mini van. Big ass baby. Big ass.

a sleeping baby

I've been trying to wean Elliot off of the one last night feeding. It's going pretty well! On Friday night she woke up some time after midnight and cried for about an hour and a half. On Sunday night she slept through until about six in the morning, and although I've decided that I'm not feeding her anymore before 7am I decided to feed her just because it was so close. Sunday night/Monday morning - more crying. Probably only about 45 minutes. Monday night/Tuesday morning - more crying. The odds were stacked against her due to a cold and another round of teething. Tuesday night/this morning - she slept until 6:30! I heard her around midnight, probably because Steven, although mumbling through the day otherwise, speaks very loudly and clearly in the bedroom, at night, across the hall from where the kids sleep. Go figure.

Is it a little condescending to constantly remind the husband to use his "Inside Voice?" Didn't think so.

She squawked a little and then set…