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Spidey Tennyson

Tennyson got Spidermanpjs (or pyjammies, as the kids call them) for his birthday. When he puts them on we pretend that we believe he is actually Spiderman. He gets a kick out of this, and probably thinks we are a little slow.

Me: Look! It's Spiderman, in my house! YaySpiderman!
T: No, it's Tennyson.
Me: Oh no, you're Spiderman for sure. You can't fool me.
T: No, look!

Then he whips off the webbed hood and proudly presents himself with flourish. It's cute.

Today he was coming from his bedroom and into the bathroom where the other kids were bathing. He had bathed already and was wearing the blue jammie shorts and holding the red shirt. The hood was nowhere to be found.

Me: Hey, it's Spiderman!
T: No, I'm Tennyson.
Me: Oh no, you're not Tennyson. Tennyson is shorter.
T: (big sigh) No, I'm not Spiderman, see?

With that, he drops his pants to his ankles.

I might pee my pants a little just trying to write this.

I left the bathroom to go and laugh myself silly in the h…

roadtrip notes

I came across some notes I was kind enough to make of Steven during a trip into Winnipeg last winter. I thought I'd share them.

Steven doesn't think he's a princess, even though:
it brings him to tears if he has to drink pepsi instead of cokehe never has cash on him when we go through the drive throughhe's pouting because I'm losing weight and he is so not.he needs to have snacks in the van because he could faint while driving and that would be bad. His words.he's going to start blogging again, just to get even."I'm just not gonna talk to you at all if that's the way you're gonna be about it."quotation fingers"You're numbering them?"

my bikers

This morning we were in the garage tidying up a little, and the kids were playing on the driveway and in the garage with their bikes. Steven had taken the pedals and the training wheels off the bikes a few weeks ago, convinced that the kids could sit on the bikes, push along with their feet and coast, magically figuring out their balance.

I thought it looked a little ridiculous. I actually biked with them to the library a couple of weeks ago, pedal-less and I must say it was a little embarrassing. I'm sure people probably thought we were poor folks who couldn't afford "whole" bikes for our kids.

Today I said to Steven: "Put the pedals back on, and let's let them try."

So he did.

I had visions of Steven and I running up and down the street, holding onto our kids' seats, and trying to keep them from careening into trees and slamming into parked cars.

That is soooo not what happened.

We put the pedals on the bikes and left the training wheels off. Jordan and…

Daddy, are you 100?

Jordan: Daddy, are you 100?
Tiffany: Pretty close.
Steven: 100 on the "Cool Scale" - 100 being very cool, and 1 being Mommy.

Uh huh.

Just so you know, saying "snap" after entirely negates any points on the cool scale.

steven baked me a pie

Happy Mother's Day to me!

happy mother's day!


tuesday night ramblings

Do you ever come on here and open up a new blog posting window when you really have nothing to say? I do. All the time. As if you couldn't tell.

I ran 7.3 miles today and timed it. It took me exactly 73 minutes. I was pumped. I'm sure that's the best pace for that distance that I've done.

I can hear Steven yelling - "Hey? Hey! In the bathroom! All of you in the bathroom with your toothbrushes."

You know what's even more confusing for a man than a woman? A man who has to decipher the emotional needs of an almost-six year old. Poor guy. I don't know who I feel more sorry for.

Wait, now he made Tennyson cry. Tennyson figures he's now Daddy's minion. Ha.

Now they're all fighting over who had more water in their cup. I'm going to continue to hide out on the internet for a minute. I'm kind of lucky right now. If it was me trying to wrangle four kids who are trying to postpone/escape bedtime I'd likely snare him into helping me.

All I reall…

running stuff

I ran this morning. I didn't go at all this weekend, despite having a 10.8 mile route all mapped out. I woke up Saturday morning at 5:30 and I could hear the wind beating the rain against my bedroom window, and trying to rip the roof off my house and I decided to stay wrapped in my nice warm flannel comforter. When I got up at 7 my neck was sore. As the day progressed the pain intensified and extended from in and around my shoulder and up through the right side of my neck. It was the kind of neck pain that prevents head and shoulder movement, and requires that you turn your whole torso slightly when you need to turn and look at something.

Steven massaged my shoulder and back before bed and I opted to turn off the alarm. Sunday - no run, again.

This morning I decided to go, rain or shine, pain or no pain. Luckily, my neck and shoulder (although still sore) had regained a lot of range of movement so I sucked it up and went. I didn't do too badly - 7.3 miles in 78 minutes, with on…
I just don't know.