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jordan. age 11.

Jordan has suddenly become a person. I know, I was surprised too. She's always been a person, but she's been extra "persony" lately, in many ways.

She has a social life. Seriously, she has more friends than I do. She phones them, they coordinate events they're going to, they arrange to travel to school functions together, they set up play dates. When friends come over, they disappear into Jordan's room to gossip (we'll be having a talk about this shortly), and come out once in a while to eat and drink snacks, and then they disappear again. No more running around and screaming and laughing until I threaten to shut down play dates.

She's entering some level of pre-puberty. I'd call it what it is and say she's hitting puberty, but I'd rather not. She's little. I'm going to add the "pre" until she's about 25. Dropping a bunch of womanly hormones into a child has been awesome. (By awesome, I mean horrendous)

She has a sen…

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