reasons for marriage

I told Steven to give me a blog topic. He grunted from his computer and did not comply. I am a little suspicious that he didn't even really hear me. It's a little mean. I didn't get married so I could come up with  my blog topics 100 percent of the time.

Today's Top Ten List - The Top Ten Reasons I Got Married:
  1. so I wouldn't have to mow the lawn.
  2. so I wouldn't have to take out my own garbage.
  3. so I wouldn't have to make pizza by myself.
  4. so I wouldn't have to live in a bachelor apartment with ducks on the blue walls forever.
  5. so I wouldn't get to watch  my favorite movies anymore (wait, maybe not that one).
  6. so I wouldn't have to visit a sperm bank. 
  7. so I could have someone in my home with an awesome sense of humor who doesn't mind gentle (or sometimes not-so-gentle) ribbing.
  8. so I would have someone to snuggle up with and watch movies after putting the crazies to bed.
  9. so I would have someone to beat at checkers, until he stopped playing checkers with me.
  10. so I'd have someone to make me feel loved, and create a home and family with me.


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