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emotionally drained

I'm not going to be all mopey. Okay, maybe a little bit mopey. My kids are in bed after a long day and I feel like I should go relax but I'm unsettled, and I feel like I should do the dishes and clean up the kitchen, but my head isn't in that either.

My 15 year old cousin met with some violence this weekend. She's in the hospital where she's had one surgery already and will be faced with numerous surgeries to come. I won't go into detail. I found out about this yesterday morning and have been on an emotional roller coaster ever since. When my kids are busy and goofy or silly I'm amused by them as usual, but as soon as I have some down time I get thinking about my cousin again and I turn into an emotional mess again. I think the kids think I'm nuts, and I'm trying to be patient with them but you know how it is.

Last night I talked with my dad on the phone. He's exceptionally angry with one of his sisters and he'd very likely been drinking so th…

new job

Steven has almost completed an entire week of his new job.

For those who don't remember (because I think I mentioned it earlier) Steven is apprenticing at a local plumbing outfit.

Being the new guy he'll probably do a lot of the grunt work this summer - he's already had to haul some major equipment as well as tool boxes and other supplies, up and down many flights of stairs. He's been jack hammering and drilling through cement.

He likes it. Not only is he hauling stuff and sweating like crazy, he's learning new things every day. It's neat that he comes home and is positive about what he did all day. I also think it's cool that if we ever renovate a bathroom or kitchen he can be my guy!

Is it bad that I'm secretly excited (I guess it's not so secret anymore) about him hauling and shoveling and drilling and jack hammering his way to being extra buff?


On another note - I added to the last post to give the answer (and a bit of…

the inevitable reveal

I need to say that I am just a little embarrassed for two of my readers. You know who you are.

Before I reveal which of the 5 scenarios took place in my home yesterday I think we need to pause for a brief lecture. That's right - lecture.

First of all, hours went by before anyone had any faith in Mitchie. I'd like to thank Lora for being the first to recognize the advanced genius of my baby. It was the only positive choice! And he's great! Sadly, that wasn't the right answer.

Shall we talk about the meaning of the world "inevitable"?

1.unable to be avoided, evaded, or escaped; certain; necessary: an inevitable conclusion. 2.sure to occur, happen, or come; unalterable: The inevitable end of human life is death.
It's really really nice to know that you think me running into the garage with my van is as likely to occur as death. Do you know how often death happens? 100% of the time.

Sorry if this sounds snotty, it's supposed to be funny(ish) but I'm tired.…

weddings and fathers

It's definitely been a busy weekend. It's been a busy couple of weeks actually. It's funny how when there are lots of things happening I don't have time to blog about them - but that's when I'd actually have stuff to talk about.

Yesterday was my cousin Johnathan's wedding. He's my oldest cousin. I think he's 22. My parents were young young young when they got married and it was a while before either of their siblings added their own kids to the family.

Congrats Johnathan & Angela!

My daughter was the flower girl. I bet you think I took more pictures of my kids than of the wedding/bridal party don't you? Well, you may be right. It's kind of a toss-up.

Ever take three kids under 5 to a wedding? It's interesting. By the end of the night I was manically fluctuating between wanting to shake them silly and feeling tremendously sorry for them for having spent so much of the day getting scolded for running amok and knocking over wedding display…


I just uploaded a ton of pictures to facebook. I don't feel like doing it again so if you'd like to see them, CLICK HERE!

because facebook is not a place for public arguing...

My cousin had his quad and dirt bike stolen out of his yard or garage recently. This is what he puts on facebook:
My opinion of the aboriginal peoples has been reaffirmed. Don't steal my stuff and demand that I change my views. How can I change a view of something that you constantly confirm, you steal, have no jobs, and beat each other. I am sorry to all aboriginals who are respectable people and apologize for this statement, but to all those who are not, and those who reaffirm this message, try it again, I'll be waitingHis friend later writes:

in response to Tiffany: "Yes, but i haven't seen entire towns full of such white people, i know of quite a number of 300+ population reserves that have 99% of their population belonging to the 'minority' that engage in such behavior. The fact is that the majority of indians want to blame everything on the white. Following their thought, i hereby blame my poverty and my being born in Manitoba on the whole of Europe as i c…

the frozen tundra - FOREVER

Does it ever feel like summer is never ever ever ever going to come? Ever?

In honour of June, I had decided to turn the heat off. It's JUNE already! It's about 15 degrees (59F) in my house right now. It's a little chilly. I still refuse to turn the heat back on. It's June!

For Jordan's second birthday we had a back yard pool party. Granted, it was a kiddie pool and I did fill it up with warm water from the laundry sink, but still. It was June, and my little girl was out in the yard, soaking wet in a bathing suit. There was no talk of that this year.

This picture was taken two years ago in May. I especially love the boots! We may have to get this outfit back out if it doesn't warm up soon.

Did I mention it was Jordan's birthday yesterday? She's 4! Very exciting. I think the most exciting thing is that she's actually psyched about being 4. It's cute - we ask her how old she is, or comment on her doing something "big girlish" now because she&…

robots, exercise and pancakes - in that order

I'm hiding in the basement. The kids are running around upstairs going "da da da da da" or something. I think they may be robots. They make great robots. Did you know that all it takes to be a robot is a plastic bucket or blanket over your head?

"I'm. A. Wobot. I'm. A. Wobot."

I also changed the baby out of his pee-soaked sleeper and undershirt and poopy diaper and ditched him in the bed with Steven. I have found that all my nagging and bugging and putting my cold hands on Steven just won't get him out of bed when he's feeling lazy. Dumping a wiggling squirming baby into the bed and then running away? Works every time.

I've begun to think that Heather and I are possibly the worst workout buddies ever. At the beginning of winter, we'd make a little plan for the week - I'd tell her which days I could make it to the gym and we'd both make a point of being there so we wouldn't disappoint each other. Lately, not so much. The other ni…

drumroll please...

After months of thinking about a job change, Steven has done it! He's leaving his friendly neighborhood oat factory and will now be working for a local plumbing outfit as an apprentice plumber!

He'll receive on-the-job training for ten months a year and he'll spend two months at a community college hitting the books. At the end of four years he'll be a journeyman plumber.

We're very excited.

in the van

Jordan: Mommy, do you want to crash into that car again?
Me: No, Jordan, I'm not going to crash the van again.
Jordan: Then why are you driving so fast?

Some days.

Psst - Don't tell Ange and Lyla, but I've been listening to 103.1 in the van lately. I have lots of excuses.

Funny (or not so funny) story:

One day I was riding along in the van, with all my kids, listening to my new Pink CD. I may be getting over Pink actually. There were only a few songs I liked in the first place, and I think she's got to get over the angry thing.

Okay, van, new cd, kids.

I had never listened to the CD before. I should have known better, because I have most of her other CDs.
The Funhouse song came on. I need to reiterate, I hadn't listened to the song before. For all I knew, Pink could have decided to clean up her music. For all I knew. Because I didn't.

Lyrics? Okay!

This used to be a funhouse
But now it's full of evil clowns
It's time to start the countdown
I'm gonna burn it down …