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yes, another poop story from the verwey chronicles

I remember years ago overhearing my mom and her friends complain about hanging out with parents of young children and having to listen to stories of puke, sleepless nights and the colour of their babies poo. I get it. Hearing about the bodily functions of someone elses kids all the time gets tedious, especially if you're not currently in that phase in your own parenthood.

That being said - this post is about poo. If you don't like it you can happily click out of here now.

I'll admit, I'm somewhat relaxed about certain aspects of parenting. I don't always leap up to race down the hall each time Elliot wets her diaper. In fact, yesterday the little princess wandered by me in the living room and I got a definite whiff of something nasty emanating from her pants. I confess, I casually called Steven to find out when he would be home. He was on his way, and told me he'd be here in less than ten minutes. Fast forward those ten minutes and daddy comes home to hug his c…

jordan had her first sleepover last night

Jordan had her first sleepover last night. The girl who came over lives a street over and she and Jordan have been thick as thieves this year.

Jordan's wanted a sleepover forever, but I've been putting it off. She seemed so young, and she was never good about going to sleep to begin with, and then there's the chance that someone might actually invite her back to her place for a sleepover in the future, which is kind of a scary thought for me. But I like Jordan's friend, and her family is really nice, and she's almost seven, and she knows that the other kids are starting to have them, so we took the plunge.

It was awesome! The girls slept in the basement (eventually) after watching a barbie movie and eating fun snacks. They giggled until past 11pm and eventually passed out. This morning they were back up at 7 and right back into playing. They ditched the boys and did whatever six-year-old girls do in her room. Tennyson kind of gave up on them and played all morning …

spring break!

It's spring break - a glorious nine day break from school. I'm not sure how it is that we're already on day four. I like having Jordan home. Dropping her off at school every morning while the rest of us carry on in our togetherness is a little sad.

The week is going to go fast. This past weekend I spent a day recovering from motherhood, an hour and a half away from my family. Now I'm back and ready to spend a week focused on my awesome little monsters. I haven't made any big complicated plans, and yet the week is already filling up. Yesterday we spent the day out in Austin visiting my mom. Today Jordan has her first ever sleepover and Tennyson and I are going to see a movie. On Friday we'll pick Steven up from school and do something fun in Winnipeg - half the fun being returning a pair of shoes I bought the other day in Brandon - and on the weekend we have out of town friends coming in to visit. Should be fun!

On top of that all, there is the joy of not having…

saturday at grandpa's


after lunch



What's new?

People ask me that all the time. I never really know what to say. We're still going to diaper gym three times a week where someone's kid will sit on someone else's kid and someone's kid will fall off a table and we'll drink coffee and likely talk about breastfeeding, sleeping or preschool. My boys go to preschool twice a week. Jordan is in grade one. Elliot is cutting molars and it's making her rather like the little girl with a little curl right in the middle of her forehead on a bad day.

Life just keeps on keeping on.

I've got a fifth child today. He's not actually mine, but he is my nephew, so he's family. The kids were pretty psyched to have him here. He seems happy to be here too. The three boys are in the back yard now, with strict instructions to stay out of the sandbox. My kids have methodically emptied the sandbox of sand over the past couple of summers. Now it's a wooden box around a grassless mud puddle. I'm in the…
Steven just left to buy cheese to make pizza. I'm making crust. So far what I've done is put water, sugar and yeast in a bowl to mingle. I'm kind of hoping Steven will come back and take over.

I really haven't got much else.

we're cute too!


20 months old!





Looks like we finally got winter. In March. I was really hoping that this weird wimpy winter would continue on until April, when spring became really apparent. I guess Mother Nature figures we've been spoiled enough. Watch us have the worst summer in history. That's okay. I'll sit in my camper at a campground, in a hoodie and drink hot chocolate while my kids play at my feet or in the add-a-room and just be happy it's summer.