Sunday, October 23

some random sunday stuff

1. I've been sore for days. My back, neck, shoulder. I did a bunch of yoga thinking I'd stretch it out the other day. The next morning Steven had to pull me out of bed. Lots of T3s. I think I might live.

2. I really want to eat the bagel that's thawing on the counter. But then I'd have to get up and put it in the toaster.

3. Steven and the kids went to the Halloween Haunted Museum here in town last night. I stayed home. Steven did not bring me an owl. I was horribly disappointed. One does not send his wife a picture of the cutest tiniest owl in the world, and then not steal it for her at the end of the night.

 4. I should probably do laundry. Or grocery shop. Or pack lunches. I should probably do a lot of things.

5. I won Phase 10. Steven pouted halfway through and had a mini tantrum. Look what he did to the cards when it was my turn to shuffle.

Friday, October 21

cleaning and purging, kids' edition

There's no school today. So far, I've slept in, answered a few phone calls, watched a bunch of Ellen clips on YouTube and made a feeble attempt to clean up the kitchen.

Then I tell the kids they need to clean their rooms. A little while later, Elliot comes through the kitchen pushing along a giant purple bucket full of toys. I tell her she can take that right back to her room. She says that she doesn't want all the stuff in her room and is going to put it all in the basement. I tell her that the basement is going to cease being a toy room shortly, and that if there's anything she doesn't want, she can put it in a bag and we will take it to MCC, but she is not just putting it all in the basement.

She was surprisingly excited by this and took a garbage bag and ran off to her room.

Then Tennyson comes up and wants to know what's going on. I tell him the same thing. He admits they play with next to nothing in the overflowing buckets downstairs and takes a garbage bag. I told them to start in their rooms, and then they want to sort through the toy room. Anything anybody wants they can put in their pile, and if there's stuff nobody cares about we'll get rid of it. Then cleaning will be easier.

I explained that they don't need to be emotionally attached to any of it. If they don't play with it, they are under no obligation to keep it. 

Everyone is in. Well, maybe Mitchell a little less so, but that's okay. He'll get rid of stuff when he's ready.

Jordan just came and switched for a bigger garbage bag.

pew pew pew

This is the noise she makes when she's shooting things. 

Monday, October 17

tiny goofy gymnast

Elliot is in Gymnastics Level 1 this year. She loves it. She did two half-winters of Kinder Gym, and loved that, but mostly just ran around and goofed off. She's ridiculously brave though. Walking carefully down the balance beam translated to, "Run as fast as you can down the balance beam and leap off the end!" Waiting in line for her turn at a station translated to "be super bored of line, and roll around and laugh on the floor, possibly  missing turns."

Anyway, this year she's a little older, a little more mature (ha), and she's in level one. She's mastered waiting in line. She can do a decent bridge. She's still being told to slow down and maybe have some poise on the balance beam.

But she loves it. I'm glad I got her in. I waited in line for over 2 hours again this year, and Elliot got the last level one spot. She's have been heartbroken had I come home and told her she wasn't in. Apparently, there were people lined up at noon. One might think it's crazy, but it seems this has become necessary.