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two things

Two things I learned about myself today, that I probably already knew.

1. Sometimes, I talk too much. Sometimes, talking more doesn't make things better. 
2. If I paint a wall all on my own, I'm less likely to lay on the floor and take breaks, and more likely to just motor on through. 
Who knew.

thursday morning thought. on paper. to be transcribed later. you're welcome.

Thursday, April 6, 9 am. - I'm at school. Subbing. I'd actually have been more than ok being home. To nap. I really have nothing. No thing. Hallway people are being loud. Someone, an adult, just told the electrician not to electrocute himself. He's right outside the door. I think I'll name him Sparky and wait for something exciting to happen. This class is reading right now. If Sparky gets electrocuted and falls off the ladder, they may actually notice. If someones heart stops due to electrocution, and I use a defibrillator to revive him, will he actually run better after?Apparently, this grade 8 class has spent some time deciding I look like a Pam. When one of them tells the others that Pam is subbing, they all know it's me. I'm not sure that they know Mrs. Verwey the same. It amuses me. Someone found out from a kid who knows me in real life that my name is Tiffany. Pretty sure they're hanging onto Pam though. Last time I was here they spent 15 minutes or …


I used to blog more. Sometimes I go back and reread parts of my blog, and I think, this was fun! I'm glad I did this, I forget all these things otherwise!

Not sure when exactly I became a non-blogger. I feel like maybe it was facebook, or getting my iPhone and texting people my little stories and random thoughts all day. Once I've told somebody something, it's "out there," and I don't feel the draw to come in here and write about it. Maybe I should just stop telling people things until after I've blogged.

I didn't sleep much last night, probably because of all the coke in the paralyzers. After a night of tossing and turning and weird dreams, I finally just gave up on having a really good sleep at about 5:30.

Then, all the coffee, and catching up on some blogs I read, and wondering why I essentially quit.

Tennyson was up here at 6:30 and hopped on the other computer. Did you know that boys can't play computer games without becoming their own narrat…