snow day!

. . . dary.

Oh that felt good.

Today was awesome. It felt like a snow day. To be fair, and give slightly less credit to the universe, there wouldn't have been any school today even if it had been 40 above, but it still played out like a snow day.

I was actually supposed to go to an awesome friend's house today, but she lives about 20 minutes East of Winnipeg and she called me this morning to see what my plan was, and whether it would be smarter to postpone our visit. The snow was blowing fiercely out in her neck of the woods and we agreed that risking life and limb on the highways wouldn't be the best idea.

I stayed home. It was okay. I showered and got back into my pjs. My kids ran around like hooligans until they decided to colour. I tidied and did some laundry. I filled a garbage bag with random unwanted things in my bedroom closet. I made pancakes for lunch. I did not burn them. That would be silly (heh heh heh).

Later in the afternoon a friend came over and brought cupcakes, fruit and kids. I love all of those things. Especially the cupcakes, I mean kids.

My husband is 100 degrees of special. He just came into the living room, excited tell me something he learned on the Internet. It was how to fold a chip bag without using a bag clip. I said "Wait, wait, wait," and picked up my phone. I flipped on my video camera and aimed it at him while saying "Yes Steven, how do you fold a chip bag without using a bag clip?" He grinned sheepishly and blushed and tried to run away. I made him come back and he demonstrated (without being filmed) how to do it, and also how to make the chip bag itself into a bowl.

I honestly don't know how the pioneers survived without the internet.

Where was I? Oh right, snow day.

The day felt a little festive. I opened all the curtains and blinds on all the windows. I don't usually do this because I prefer shade to the direct glare of the sun. It's probably because I either fry or sparkle when the sun shines on me, depending on my mood.

Sun, pancakes, pajamas, kids colouring at the dining room table. I had made my supper the night before and the crock pot was all ready for supper so that didn't need doing. The kids had leaped out of bed this morning and began the day racing around the house screaming with delight at the blanket of snow on the ground outside. Their excitement really set a tone of anticipation and happiness.

I'm not big into snow, but for the kids sake I'll suck it up and we'll enjoy each and every snow day this winter has to offer. I'm hoping there will be more!


Regan said…
I just about spit out my beverage of choice when i read "fry or sparkle..."
Tiffany said…
Glad you enjoyed it!

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