Today I
  • woke up at seven and vacuumed the house
  • mopped the floors
  • served breakfast
  • cleaned up breakfast
  • gave the bathroom a ten second tidy
  • babysat Mitchie's good friend Riley
  • welcomed Angela and her kids over for the day
  • whipped up a delicious gourmet hot dog lunch for Amy, Angela and their assorted children
  • let Catherine in
  • ate cupcakes
  • ate tim bits
  • visited with friends around my dining room table all afternoon while our ten children ran amok 
  • kicked everyone out
  • had soup and pie with my husband and children
  • took the oldest child to Awana
  • watched the first ten minutes of a movie before deleting it off the PVR
  • cuddled up with the hubby and watched a few other shows before crashing for the night at 10:30

Have a good weekend everybody!


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