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is your baby a ferber baby?

Wow, two blogs in one day. I put some people to shame, and you know who you are! I had to get on here and mention my baby's recent sleep habits. Usually Tennyson gets up sometime between 5:30 and 6:30 for his one bottle of the night. Not bad really, considering he'd go back to sleep until around 8 o'clock after that. Except that I can never ever fall back asleep myself after getting up at this time. So I feed monster man and then he snuggles up and falls back to sleep and then I lay there forever until I finally give up and get up. Not fun.

Last Thursday night I heard him start to cry. I rolled over to look at the clock and it was 3:30am! I usually make angry noises and then haul myself out of bed to go and get the bottle, but I decided then and there that night time feedings were over! Everything I've read (and I read a lot, especially about baby stuff) says that babies don't actually need food at night after about 6 months - it's more of a habit. So I let him…

guilty pleasures

I'm the best mommy ever! Steven decided he wanted to go out to the garage and finish installing the garage door opener. Ever helpful, I asked Jordan "do you want to go outside in the garage with Daddy?" Of course she does. He's not all that excited about taking a two year old out the garage while trying to get something done, but her excited little face, and the eager way she runs to the closet and starts putting on her snow pants and boots has him licked. He has a hard time saying no. I know this, because I often do this. What's that? You're going to the store? "Jordan, do you want to go to the store with Daddy?" Daddy responds "No, she was really grumpy last time I took her just before supper . . . " He looks over at Jordan, who again is eagerly dressing herself and he totally caves. I could feel bad about it, but it's just so perfect! Besides, mommies sometimes need a little time with no children to do certain things. Tennyson is sl…

hanging by a thread

As many of you know from reading a previous post, my poinsettia has been on death row for some time now. I have been working really hard to get him a pardon, and he has enjoyed consistent nourishment and a sunnier place in the home. However, my efforts are fruitless in the face of uncontrollable internal forces. Such forces wish harm on my poinsettia, and push it around, knock it down, and rip limbs from it’s already frail body. I fear for what is left of my poor plant. The circumstances are dire.

For those of you who have forced me into a writer’s strike, do not think I have forgotten. Consider this a brief reprieve from my strike, and only on compassionate grounds for fear that my poinsettia will not be long in this world and deserves proper mourning and commemoration.

Beware the face of the enemy, it is often a beautiful thing.

writer's strike

This is a message for Steven, Lyla, Candice and Sonya.
I am now on writer's strike. That's right. I hope you know (and feel bad) that I check your blogs a number of times a day to see if anything new is happening. On slow days, I even check your comments to see if anyone has commented on my comment. Lately though, it's been a little sad. Sonya has apologized about not blogging because her computer is supposedly at Future Shop.
Candice thinks that if she sticks some random pictures on there that we won't notice that she's not really blogging.
Lyla posted a picture of her lunch, which is further insulting in the sense that the lunch was lacking crucial ingredients.
Don't even get me started on Steven.
I hope you all feel very very guilty. VERY.

very little to blog about. obviously.

Sometimes I don't know what to blog about, and nothing is happening on facebook, so I start messing with settings. I figured out how to allow anonymous comments, and also how to have comments emailed to my email account! This is very exciting. Now maybe my husband will comment on my stuff. Or maybe he'll actually blog something too.

This is such a guilt trip. Excellent.

you're wearing that where?

There are many times when I substitute in high school and reluctantly admit that the high school students have way nicer clothes and hair than I do. They have professional looking highlights, and perfectly done hair. They have perfect clothing/layering sense. They wear bold colours properly, and don't look like they're faking it.

Then there are the students that make me wish I had brought a camera to class. I wonder if they'd notice if I started snapping pictures?

There were three grade 11 students (16 or 17 years old) yesterday that I just had to jot down. Yes, while they were reading short stories and answering questions I was writing descriptions of their clothing on foolscap [aside - when you say foolscap these days, the students have no idea what you're talking about].

And yesterdays winners were:
A nice looking young man wearing a grey sweater with white stripes on it. This opened to show a hot pink button up shirt - also with white stripes. This shirt was unbuttoned…