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not me monday

I most certainly did not open a cupboard door and have a corning ware serving/baking dish hop out at me, bounce off my forearm (ouch) and hit the floor, shattering into a million pieces. Oh no, not me, because I wouldn’t have been to lazy days earlier to lift the smaller bowl and set the bigger bowl underneath it instead of balancing it on top. That would be ridiculous. It’s not like I have a list of fairly large glass things I’ve broken lately, comprising of a 9x13 cake pan and a giant Pyrex mixing bowl to add something like a corning ware baking dish to. Nope.

I do not continually forget to set up the bread maker so that I have bread to make sandwiches with in the mornings for the kids lunches. Oh  no, because I have stopped buying store bread because the bread maker is now making all of our family’s bread, so I never forget to set it up. I am way organized. Way.

For that same reason I never forget to take out meat for supper the next day.

annie! . . . er . . . The Little Mermaid!

I sat on the floor of the Glesby Center's event room, watching Jordan watch the stage. Kids were auditioning, one after another for three casting people and a pianist, and being watched by dozens of other kids and their parents. We found out that the play had been switched from Annie to The Little Mermaid, but Jordan was going to sing her Annie song anyway.

She leaned on me, more and more tightly as the evening wore on, and munched through all her fingernails. "I'm scared," she whispered. "I know," I whispered back, still wondering if she'd chicken out and we'd make a run for it as her turn came up. "But you know," I continued, "You sound just like all these other kids. They're all nervous and they're doing a good job of being brave, and I know you sing just as well as they do, and everyone will just be proud of you for doing it."

For the record, had she said that she wanted out I wouldn't have tried to talk her into s…


On Tuesday Jordan came home from school, rummaged around in her backpack and said "I want to ask you something, but you'll probably say no."

I hate when they open with that. I assured her that she should probably ask before assuming I'll say no to everything.

She handed me a flyer.

"I want to audition," she said.

I read over the flyer. A million thoughts are running through my head, firstly that she has never really sung in front of anybody before, or acted, or or or.

And then I'm thinking how scary it would be to audition, and what if she messed up, and would she feel bad about herself if she didn't get a part.

But of course as a mother I probably shouldn't suggest things for her to be afraid of, she'll figure out all the things that make her anxious as she carries on through life.

"Do you realize that you'll have to stand in front of the people and sing a song?"

"Yeah," she said.

"And that there are probably g…


Elliot loves her books. She can sit here and flip through books and study the pictures, or make up stories, or re-tell stories she knows from hearing them so much. Her nursery school teachers tell me she can often be found sitting on the couch in the reading area at nursery school, doing exactly this same thing. I'm thinking that in a few years she'll be up in a tree beside her big sister, with her own book in her hands.
Seriously. I have just written and restarted an opening line for this blog post three times, and each time I've deleted it.

I think I am on autopilot. I have no funny stories. I'm sure you'd love to hear about one of the following:
I am so stupid-lazy today it's just, well, stupid.Mitchell and Elliot have a friend over. They are doing little kid stuff. They all like KD.Jordan has piano tonight. I dreamed last night that I was in London, England, as a formal guest of the king and queen, who I visited while sitting on the counter in their giant en-suite while they soaked together in a bubble bath. I fed the geckos crickets. Always entertaining. I haven't seen the dog in a while. He's probably locked in someone's bedroom somewhere.
See what I mean? Nothing that, on its own, is a writeable blog post.

I gots nothin.'
Methinks Mother Nature is a little indecisive. It's something like +3 today. It's awesome. Eight seconds ago it was -46 with the wind chill. It's hard to not feel pouty about the weather when you feel like you can't warm up. 
In four months we will start camping. Judging from how fast time seems to fly I'm thinking we can probably survive the rest of winter.
Last night I dreamed I was a vampire.

I wasn't sparkly, or morally conflicted. Oh no. I was at some sort of event, and I sucked dry most of the people there and made my kids vampires too. They were the cutest little blood sucking vampires ever. Then we hit the road before reinforcements with stakes and garlic cloves showed up.

Just thought you'd like to know.

New Years Resolutions

I have been hesitating to actually post my resolutions, partly because I am the laziest blogger in the whole wide world, and partly because the resolutions I've come up with are the sort that one thinks she could do in a perfect world.

Anyway, whatever. Here they are:
Run 100 miles each month, all year. For a grand total of 1200 miles run. Unplug on Fridays. No computer, no TV (shows, nintendo, etc.) for anyone. The kids are thrilled. I decided to start it after today. You can't yank nintendo on the last day of Christmas holidays, after all. 
That's it.

So far I have not ran at all this year, and we watched movies and played nintendo all day today. But as I said, the first Friday is a gimme. This bodes exceptionally well for the rest of the year!

Happy New Years!

six things i did today

Things I did today:
I took the kids tobogganing. I got the car hopelessly stuck on top of the snowhill, and had to text my friend to turn around and come back, and when he broke all the ropes in his truck trying to pull me out, had to then call Steven who was really overjoyed to leave work to help dig and tow. The kids thought it was awesome and used the time spent stuck to get back onto the snow hill. I made hotdogs and kraft dinner, as per the request of the children. I fell asleep on the couch.I made nachos and cheese for supper.I am back on the couch, waiting for Jordan and her sleepover friend to go to sleep. I think they are not. Sleeping. Ever.
This is a blog post.