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happy halloween

Today was Halloween. It was actually a lot of fun. Steven and I took Jordan trick or treating from 4-6 to our relatives houses, and then Steven went to work and Jordan and I joined Angela and Jamin, and Heather, Keegan and Shelby and went out a little longer. Jordan was a purple dragon again this year. I love when I can reuse stuff. Tennyson was a white bunny with pink ears and a pink belly. Poor kid, so not masculine. Not to mention the leotards . . .

As I was saying, I really enjoyed the day with my daughter. This afternoon as Steven was napping I got her busy coloring, which then evolved into a lesson in colors (she pretty much knows them anyway, but I want her to not have to try so hard to remember them). From there we did some shapes. This was kind of new, she knows what a heart is, and she recognizes a circle as a "round." This is from running around and around in circles in the living room, or her bedroom, or the basement, or around the island. She likes to run in cir…

oh the big needle

I'm having surgery in two days. Friday to be exact. It's been in the works for months, I think I had my first consultation while I was still pregnant, and Tennyson is now 6 months old. I decided not to tell anyone, probably because it's something of a sore spot and I absolutely HATE talking about my eye. Even as I'm writing this it sort of makes me uncomfortable and I procrastinate by going online and looking up scary picture of doctors and stuff. Yep, I'm sure that'll help my frame of mind.

Time for the back story. In September of 1999 I went paintballing with a group of friends from Austin. I think it may have been the first round, or the second one, not too sure. Anyway, the round had just started and the two teams were at opposite ends of the field and we were supposed to capture the flag of the opposing team on the other end of the field and bring it back to our end. As we were just starting the round, I figured I'd take off the ever-annoying goggles un…

oh chubby chubby me

I have been so bad lately. It seems that we have had gathering after birthday party after miscellaneous event. Each time there is dessert, and lately I have either been making desserts to bring or hosting these things at my house. The end result is the same - I have lots of leftover dessert in my fridge. It would help if it was stuff I didn't like, but nooooo, everything is delicious! Mere days ago, the fridge tally was as such:
4 big pieces of carrot cake with cream cheese icing almost 3 pumpkin pies 4 slices of apple pie 2 pieces of cherry cheesecakeWe are now down to one pumpkin pie. If you do the math, these means I ate A LOT of dessert in the last few days. Not that Steven didn't have a share in it, but I'm no lightweight when it comes to matching people bite for bite. I admit, I really like to get the big piece when a dessert is cut up!

The madness must end. When I was nursing, I was losing weight like crazy, without really trying. I have since stopped nursing and gai…

oh early early day

8:34 AM - It's so early. Normally I wouldn't complain about being up at 8:30, if I had only gotten up now. As it stands, I've been up over an hour already! I don't know what to do about these monstrous children. Jordan absolutely refuses to nap. There is no way. I know some might read this and say "jeez, just make her." Those of you who actually know Jordan are going "jeez, that's tough." If she would just lay down for a few minutes, she'd fall asleep. It's not like she's not tired! But there is no forcing her to lay down. I miss her crib! Tennyson too - equally monstrous today. He was whining and moaning at 7 already this morning. Steven and I laid in bed for a little while, not sure if we were waiting each other out or hoping that Tennyson would go back to sleep but in the end we all ended up getting up for the day. Remember the days when we used to sleep until noon? What happened to that?

bloggin in facebook

This is pretty cool. Today I was messing around on facebook, and I realized that you can set facebook up to import your blog posts into your facebook notes! Now my blog will show up on facebook. Not that I expect more people will read it. I'm pretty sure it's just Sonya and Lyla. But that's okay, as long as all you cool people keep checking in!

It's amazing how the world has changed really. Technology is so fast! Little kids in school now go on the internet and all have email accounts.

Speaking of little kids, I'm subbing in kindergarten next week. I may be nuts.

teenagers will eat anything

Ever have one of those days that seems like more than one day? When you look back at the day before bed, and the morning seems like yesterday? For those of you to whom this makes no sense, please disregard. For the rest of you, carry on!

It was an interesting day. I subbed this morning in grade 9. Have I mentioned that grade 9 kids are on my list of things that are the bane of my existence? Today this was confirmed. If I told you that I was going to work 2 hours and 20 minutes and make $50, you'd think "wow, slack job." Well, today I had the worst kids ever! I spent a large portion of the time trying to get the kids to be quiet and actually do something. I don't even care if they're slacking, as long as it looks like they're working so that if someone important comes in (as in the principal or the prime minister or someone equally important) it looks like productive things are going on. After a while, I kind of gave up on having a lot completed and just shut t…

oh useless me

Some days I get so much done. Yesterday I made my bed (i usually do), picked up all the stuff on the floor all over the house, vacuumed everything, scrubbed all three bathrooms, did a bunch of dishes, hung some pictures, wiped things, gathered lots of garbage from all our various garbage cans, made supper, etc. It was a very productive day. Today, not so much.

It is a very useless day. I haven't made my bed, showered, changed out of my slacker clothes, cleared the table from lunch, taken out meat for supper, nothing. Nada. Zip. I know what I should be working on, and believe me, it's quite a list! Instead, I check facebook for the 94th time, upload some pictures, check my wall again. There's nothing there, so I play some solitaire and try to think of something to blog about. Drawing a blank. Now I'm blogging about my slacker day.

Hope everyone else is getting more done than I am!

the schizophrenic blogger

As I read my blogs, I realize that I don't have a consistent voice. I go from sappy to funny to informative to rambling. You know what? Maybe that is my voice. I'm the schizophrenic blogger. That's what I should have called this site.