no, it doesn't smell minty in here, and other random topics

The kids definitely needed school to start. Bringing back the daily routines has made everyone more level again. I'm not saying that I didn't enjoy summer holidays and all the camping and sun and fun that came with them, but by the middle of August the minions were becoming monsters.

You know what we definitely didn't need? Snow. Not that we've gotten any yet, but I know they're getting it in Winnipeg and we're supposed to get some of the less-than-joyous stuff here. Great. I was hoping for a snowless Halloween again this year. I am really not looking forward to cold, and wet muddy dog, and cabin crazy children.

I'm going to make each paragraph different. Not that it was my plan when I got on here, but now that I've started that seems to be the way things are heading.

I'm going to Dugald tomorrow. Exciting things happen in Dugald. It's one of many long weekends this school year has to offer, and when  the kids are all home it's an excellent opportunity to travel. To clear things up, Dugald is a town in Manitoba, not an exciting border-sharing country that nobody knows about except me. I've discovered in life that there is very little, if anything, that I know that nobody else knows. In fact, there is very little that I know that someone else I know knows better.

That was confusing eh? I know. Yet I'm sure that it's a proper sentence. If it's not it's close enough. Who's going to argue me anyway? I can think of one person. I bet he's going back right now to check. He should really just not.

People around me are dropping from facebook like flies. I contemplate it almost daily before coming up with a reason that I need to stay on facebook.

I really want to make smores in the oven. I've been craving them a lot lately. I should probably just do it, except that I'm not sure that I've got enough aero bars left in the freezer. I'm sure I had nothing to do with the shortage.

Thanksgiving weekend is almost upon us. I've kind of decided I was going to be an evil, ungrateful person this year and not post the obligatory "what I'm thankful for" post. I bet you can't guess what it would say. As in other years, I'm sure I'm still thankful for husband, kids, home, family, friends, health, yadda. Help yourself out a bit and add yourself to one of those categories and know that I'm thankful for you. I'm sure I am.

That was snotty.

There's a huge snotty side to me that I secretly cherish. I'm thankful for my snobbery. It makes me special, like everyone else.

I'm really trying very hard to make this seem long and thought out, as if it doesn't seem less thought out the longer it becomes.

I'm not thankful for the death of Mark Sloan. Poor Mark. Poor poor Mark. Who's left? Derek? I'm sorry people, I know he's a favorite, but seriously, that man is the bitchiest man ever. A sense of humor goes a long way (whatever, Mark's better looking).

My kids are all laughing in the living room while I sit in the dining room. Steven is letting them watch videos on the internet instead of reading them a story. We're very educationally driven around here. It's okay, it's the North End. Very little is expected of us. We also get to wear pj pants and socks in sandals to pick our kids up from school. "They" expect nothing else.

Jackson is in the dining room with me. He's tied to the doorknob. He's been outside for a while and he's as muddy as can be. He's a little sad about the kids laughing in a different room and he's whining for permission to join the festivities, but seriously, he's way too muddy.

Steven bathed the kids while I picked up toys and random articles of laundry that were strewn throughout my house. He is now reading them stories and making them laugh while I blog in the dining room. For that I really am thankful. There are days that are long and I've had my fill of their childish exuberance and love for a fresh parent to whisk them away for some cuddle time in the other room. Today is one of them.

But wait, this isn't a "what I'm thankful for" post, so I need to balance that bit of gratuitous thankfulness with something a little less than thankful.

Right. Snow, wind and rain and other crappy weather that makes it less than acceptable to force my kids to eat their lunch on the deck.

My guppies give birth and make me happy and then as I'm watching the blessed little things zip around the tank the mothers swim up and gobble them up. Seriously, the fry might as well swim out their back ends and head right for their mama's mouths.

Dog hair.

Someone pooped on the living room floor today.

Someone is pooping right now, and down the hallway I can hear him saying "It doesn't smell very minty anymore in here." They brushed their teeth not that long ago.

With that I say goodnight.


Neodad said…
Proper sentence perhaps . . . but I think it actually says the opposite of what you were going for. :)
Tiffany said…
I'm totally standing behind my messy sentence!

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