get it out! part 1

My goal this week was to get five bags (or the equivalent of five bags!) of junk out of my house. I think I did pretty well today! This is the stuff that is leaving our house right shortly:

A bag of garbage, a box of recycling, a box for MCC, a Halloween costume for a friend (if she wants it!), some leftover Epicure supplies to give to my consultant friend, and some photo albums that aren't mine.

Also out of the same computer room: an old Nintendo that doesn't work anymore, an old computer that will cost more to fix than it's worth and an old laptop. My thanks to the nice guy at the recycling depot for taking this stuff off my hands even though I brought it over after regular drop-off hours!


 The jury is out on this chair. I pulled it out of the computer room too, being that we don't really ever use it, but Steven thinks we shouldn't get rid of it. He's practically a hoarder.

Tomorrow I'm going to tackle the game/garbage bag/picture frame/odds and ends closet in the kitchen. Should be good for another bag!


Ange said…
You're inspiring me! It feels like we have way too much stuff around here, and I thought I had already gotten rid of a bunch before we moved. Maybe it's time for round 2!

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