Happy Blogtober 1st! For those of you who are already complaining about having to blog each and every day (and Sonya and Candice are seriously not going to get away with just posting pictures everyday...), you're going to have lots to say when I bully you all into writing a novel in November.

I have a long long list of things I should do today. The floors need to be de-grossed (it's okay, we don't have to use real words in our blogs), the washrooms need to be cleaned (because my mom is coming tomorrow), lunch should probably be put away, the list goes on and on. That's not even mentioning the dining room windows I took out to clean a week ago and haven't done, or the walls I need to wash so I can hang the family pictures we took two years ago. I may be a bit of a procrastinator.

What I really want to do is put the littlest to bed and nap on the couch. That would be blissful. I'd also love to eat a very large bowl of something really sinfully delicious first. A sweet and salty combination would be nice. Maybe chocolate covered pretzels, or a peanut butter Oh Henry bar. Luckily I have neither.

I also need to cut my fingernails to make blogging easier. Ever see people with ridiculously long fingernails typing? I don't know how they do it. It's ridiculous.

What else? Not like I need to save any of this gold for the next 30 days.

I'm a fantastic mother. I abandoned my daughter in the dining room with grapes (bad) and now she has jumped out of her high chair and is running around with them (very bad). They really need to eat their lunches faster. I get bored sitting there  listening to them talk about poop. They really don't understand why it isn't appropriate dinner conversation. 

I'm also doing a facebook photo challenge. Let me show you . . .

Since I totally bombed on the July challenge (because my camera didn't work. Not my fault) I know you probably don't have much faith in me this time. That's probably best.

Happy Blogtobering!


Sonya said…
Is your camera fixed or did you get a new one?
As if I post just pictures all the time! If you and Ange would post a few pictures once and a while I might recognize your kids when I see them. ;)
Tiffany said…
It just started working again. Also, I've been using my phone to take pictures lately, so that works good too!

Ha! Totally a picture cheater. lol. not that I mind watching your boys grow up in blog pictures!

I have tomorrow's post written and I'll have a picture of Jordan in it. You'll totally recognize her. She radiates spunk and naughtiness.
Neodad said…
NO WAY am I gonna try the novel thing. When does it start? How does it work?

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