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I kind of wish I had swept the floor before I sat on it

It took me close to two hours to prime my dining room ceiling.

Dusting/Priming/Painting the ceiling is the most hateful job in the world. I'm not even kidding. I don't know how people do it without turning to alcohol.


See the little black spots? Those are holes. My little pot lights are going to go in there.

It's now 2:50. At this point I'm starting to reconsider my original plan to "quickly prime the dining room after lunch and then carry on about my day." Chances are fairly good that I'll have to pick up  my kids from school at some point, and likely this will still not be done.

Also, we settled on green. Actually, I picked out 48 green choices to ponder, Steven came by, threw out about half of them, told me to just pick something already, since they were all the same colour, waited until I narrowed it down to about four choices and selected one.

And then today I went to the paint store and picked the one I really wanted. Sorry honey.

With any l…

dining room update

Our poor little old dining room has come a long way. Previous home owners thought it would be a great idea to increase living space by simply adding a few walls, some really cheap single pane windows, a roof and a whole lot of paneling to the old deck and call it a dining room.

We kind of ignored the crappiness of it. The extra space was really nice, but the freezing cold floors in teh winter, and the wind that blew through here in January (and all year, but January really seems to stand out. Strange eh?), and the slant that slowly grew slantier eventually made some upgrades necessary.

Did I mention that the whole room was held up by four 2x6 beams sitting on patio blocks? Or that one of those beams didn't even actually reach the patio block it was supposed to sit on?

Did I tell you about the time that the room shifted so much over a couple of days that I went to let the dog out in the morning and then couldn't shut the door because suddenly the door knob didn't match up w…

tennyson's dance rehearsal

Hey Tennyson, do you need that overflow?