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i'll marry you, but none of "that"

Today Jordan and Jamin played together all afternoon. This evening she tells me that they played wedding.

"I didn't want to kiss him though," she said.
"So did you?"
"No" she replied, in the voice.

They're so cute.

ever after

I hope I didn't come down to hard on my kids in the last post. Yesterday was a really crummy day - and in my defense they have been somewhat challenging lately.

That being said, I have a cute story!

Tonight I decided that I was going to forgo dishes and bathing the kids and instead watch a movie with them. My choice? Ever After. Ever seen it? It's awesome. Definitely one of my favorite movies.

In this Cinderella story, Danielle lives at the mercy of her wicked stepmother and stepsisters after her father dies. She is lowered to the rank of servant. At the beginning of the movie, she disguises herself as a courtier so she can save a fellow servant from being sent to the Americas to work off the debt of the wicked stepmother. In doing so, she catches the eye of Prince Henry. He bumps into her a couple of times in the next couple of days and then actively seeks her out. Of course she lets him believe that she is of noble blood.

Cute things happen, their romance blossoms, it's all…

um - i'm sure the manual is here somewhere...

For the past while I've been telling people that I'm in a bit of a honeymoon phase with the kids. Jordan had mellowed out, Tennyson was his lovey self, Mitchie entertains himself beautifully and happily follows the other kids around.

You should never say such things. Ever.

They've been desperate to prove me wrong lately.

Mitchell - not bad really. I can totally handle 17 month old antics. Don't tell him, but his angry little slippered foot stomping is actually kind of cute. I'm not even too worried that he's switched from mama's boy to daddy's boy. It's kind of nice that when he's flipping out about something he drags on Daddy's pants instead of mine.

Tennyson - remember how I used to talk about Tennyson? How he was so mellow and cuddly and lovey? Remember how he was a huge sweet, kissing, hugging Mama's boy? Remember that? Do you? I'd say that it feels like it was just yesterday, but it doesn't! It feels like an eternity ago. He is …

because it's been a while since the last pictures!

I was actually going to do this last night, but Mitchie turned off my computer mid-upload and I lost motivation!