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smelly pits of doom

I'm sitting on the floor, playing Giant Dr. Mario on our new giant tv, having finally wrestled it away from the kids. They've all disappeared except Tennyson, who is on the love seat playing on his DS. 
Out of nowhere he sniffs, and announces in an amused seven-year-old way, "my armpits are smelly." He giggles. 
"Yeah." More giggles. Boys are awesome. 
I roll my eyes. "Do you want to shower?"
"Yeah." He continues playing his game. 
"Well go!" I exclaim. 
He tosses his DS to the side. "Finally!" he shouts, before running off to the bathroom. 
Because, you know, we stand in the way of his hygiene. 

merry christmas!

Well, I made it through almost the entire Christmas season without taking any pictures. Not a one. I'm not even kidding. My kids gleefully ripped through their gifts on Christmas morning - no pictures. My long-lost brother came out from Alberta to spend the holidays with us - no pictures. We had Christmas with all my family out in Austin, and Christmas here with Steven's maternal family in Portage - no pictures.

I am probably not going to win instagram's mother of the year award this year.

It's been a weird Christmas. Tennyson was kind of sickly last Thursday and Friday, but we sent him to school anyway, and he recovered just fine. Jordan felt crummy on Sunday and it lasted until boxing day. Nothing is more fun than going somewhere on Christmas day only to realize at some point that your daughter is missing, and then find her sitting in the washroom crying because she wishes she could throw up but can't, and then having to take her home early.

Although . . . wait f…

elliot. bathroom conversations.

I'm cleaning the toilet in the en suite. Elliot appears in the doorway.

Elliot: We are doing a good job of taking care of Lizzy. (our gecko)
Me: Yep.
Elliot: Yeah. She's not even dead.
Me: Well, that's a good thing...
Elliot: Remember when I pulled off all the tails?

She watches me for a second.

Elliot: Mommy?
Me: Hm?
Elliot: I know how you get the potty water too high.
Me: How?
Elliot: You just put in a lot of toilet paper.

She skips away, and I hear her in the other bathroom.

Me (hollering): Elliot! Do not flush the toilet!
Elliot (reappearing) : I didn't do that

I'm sure she rolled her eyes at my accusation. 

She's a little scarier every day.

the itchy and scratchy show

Remember all that stuff I put in my last post about missing my kids? Right. Well you know what I don't miss when we are all separated?

What is the deal with the scrapping? They love each other, they want to play together, they like to organize play and games around each other - so why the heck is my house suddenly a haven of bickering?

Good thing I stocked up when I thought the LC was going on strike.
I am substitute teaching again this school year (after a 5 year break!) and am really enjoying it. There are seven schools in this town and I sort of bounce around between all seven fairly evenly, if you don't count the high school, where I'd always imagined I'd end up. In that, I've definitely gained a bigger appreciation of the middle years, where I really enjoy hanging out, and a reminder that I'm not cut out for a career in the early years.

Because they're nuts.

And they cry.

And they can't tie their shoes.

And there are always little hands touching me. It's actually much like the Labyrinth.

Anyway, I sincerely don't mind subbing in there, but I think I will leave the grade 1s for someone with  much more patience.

Elliot is in daycare and she had no problems adjusting. She goes to the home of a friend of mine, and her daughter is the same age as Ellie and they get along swimmingly. It definitely makes it easier to drop her off every morning when …