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Do you ever feel like you really want to just talk someone's ear off, but you really have nothing to say? I bet it's kind of obvious which blog posts are from that sort of mindset. Like this one.

I got nothin'.

Have I mentioned lately that the weather is beautiful here right now? It was 19 yesterday, and it's 14 out there right now. There were people wearing flip flops and shorts the past few days (or weeks if they're extra nutty). Of course I have to wear a sweater at least out on the deck, even if it feels warm, else my children will notice that although they're still in parkas, Mommy isn't.

Jordan had a friend from school over this afternoon. They played dollies, went outside for a couple hours, and then watched a Barbie movie. Only once did they have a little spat, but it was pretty minor.

Are girls born bossy?

(no, that wasn't a poll . . . but it could be . . . )

selling the stuff

I created a poll, as many do when presented with life's decisions and yet feeling indecisive. I asked my Internet friends to help me decide whether or not to throw caution to the wind and ditch the baby boy stuff before the baby is born, and not to worry that the baby is magically a boy.

You tied. That's not very nice. It would seem that I either have to make one more friend, or dump one of the ones I have to avoid this sort of situation in the future. Now I have to go ahead and make my own decision. It's like I didn't need the poll at all!

I think I'm going to do it. Out with useless clutter!

baby sling

I borrowed a baby wrap from a friend of mine at playgroup. I always thought it would be neat to have one, but they're a little pricey, and anytime that I've gone online to see if I could make one myself I've discovered that I'd have to find metal rings and stuff to hold the thing on.

Not this one. It's about 16 feet long and not quite two feet wide. There are no pleats or curves. It's just one long length of material with an extra square of material sewn onto the center for extra support where the baby sleeps. Basically, I have to hem a rectangle.

Even I can handle that. Or Steven.

I bought material for my sling this past weekend. I haven't actually made it yet, but I did cut it to length. I'm quite excited. Today I decided to try out my friends sling, so I wrapped it all around myself according to friend and Internet instruction and used Mitchie as my test baby. I was sure he'd cry or whine to get out once he felt all constricted and trapped against M…

just another day

Of the three blogs I'm part of, this is the one with the oldest post. Shame on me. Whatever. I get side tracked. You know, I think that if this computer was upstairs I might do more of this on it. Reasons? Well, I just came down here a little bit ago for all of ten minutes to chat with my mom on the phone. Jordan is at nursery school and surely Tennyson and Mitchell can entertain themselves for ten minutes, right? Right?

In that ten minutes, they threw all their bedding into the dirty front entrance, crunched the doormat into the closet, got into the Easter treats, opened and squired a juice box in the kitchen, and dragged a dining chair from the dining room into the kitchen where they turned it over and stacked a stacking stool and step stool on top of it. Not sure what they were planning on doing with that.

Now I can hear stools being moved in the kitchen. It's never a good thing - the stools are used to get contraband out of the cupboards. Of course they wait until I'm di…

a poll, because it's been a while

The ultrasound tech said that our baby girl is definitely not shy (not unlike her sister) and was proudly on display to prove that she is not a boy. She said that she couldn't be more sure that this baby was 100% girl.

Her words.

Steven says I should go ahead and buy a few girl things, and get the girls' room ready.
Steven says I should go ahead and dump all the old boy clothes on the spring garage sale.
Steven says that despite my worries, he agrees with the ultrasound girl, and doesn't expect the baby to suddenly grow boy parts. Actually, in his words "where would he have hidden it? In his vagina?"

We're so mature sometimes.

My poll: Do I purge my house and sell off anything I don't need for a girl baby? Or do I play it extra safe and hang onto it, just in case?

pink hat!

I had a Babymoon ultrasound last night. It's a non-diagnostic ultrasound for parents who just want to see their baby and find out the gender. A DVD of the ultrasound and a variety of pictures are also included.

I wanted to know the gender so badly this time. And guess what?? It's a girl!!

I know you're not supposed to care one way or the other what you get, but I must admit, I'm thrilled to pieces that this baby is going to be a girl! I was on cloud nine last night. Jordan's with me. Steven just thinks it's cute. He told me I wasn't allowed to start sorting clothes last night at midnight. I agreed. It won't take long though. I need a dresser first, then the baby frenzy will begin!

I'm also going to make the brown room into a brown and pink room for the girls to share. Jordan is pretty psyched.

More to come, I'm sure.

And yes we Maybe have a name, and nope, not sharing! We have to leave something to share on the big day!

shopping with the kids

Today I went grocery shopping without the kids. It actually doesn'thappen all that often. I always intend to go on my own either on the weekend or in an evening, but I really like my husband and I find it tough to leave here when he's here. Instead I end up packing up the kids during the week and shopping at three or four different stores to buy my van load of groceries.

Today, I decided to go without them. It's actually pretty nice. Not that I don't love them, but I don't love them any less when they're at home and I'm at the store either.

I was at WalMart, leisurely browsing through baby clothes and grabbing a few groceries and a new mop head (and you thought my life wasn't exciting, HA). When I got to the checkout one of my prices came up quite a bit higher than it said on the shelf. As I was waiting for first a price check and then an override I happened to notice another woman about four lanes over trying to pay for her groceries.

She had her three ki…

baby mitchie

Mitchie loves to slip into the boots/shoes/slippers of others and wear them around the house. Today I caught him clomping around in Tennyson's rubber boots. The boots that had just been out in the back yard in all the mud and water. I sighed. I'm forever removing the boots and tossing them back into the entrance. I was in the midst of something, so I just said "Mitchie! Go and take those boots off!"

I think I scared him because he ran away. Two minutes later he comes to find me again to show me what he had been wanting to show me the first time. He wasn't wearing the boots. They were neatly sitting beside the door.

That little boy is supposed to be my baby!!


I know, I should be cleaning the bathrooms. Or taking the kids for a walk. But I do that stuff all the time!

Steven's gone today for the day and I'm not really sure what to do. I think I may finish a book today. I started it yesterday. It's pretty good so far.
Remember that time (it feels like just days ago) when it seemed like I had quit blogging altogether? Remember thinking "I bet she had loads of interesting things to say, where is she?"

I bet that in retrospect, the silence was wonderful!
Nobody has thrown up in this house since Sunday morning. Makes me happy.

let the book feast begin

Remember when I went on and on about the library website and how I reserved books like crazy? Well, soon after that, my computer wouldn't let me on the library website. I was mortified.

Turns out the dinosaur laptop is more than willing to summon up the library. I just put holds on three random books in the last five minutes. The bookworm gluttony is about the commence.

I actually have a stack of books that have been lent to me by others. They're sitting on my night stand. I have this thing - I borrow books, or better, people lend us books that they think I might like. I don't know what it is, whether it's because I didn't pick them myself, or because I know I can let them sit there forever, but I'm far less inclined to read them. Instead, I take out 6 books from the library and run home and devour them in time to return them and take the next six. I apologise if I have your books. I swear it's not yourbooks I'm talking about. I'm totally reading your…
I was going to clean all the bathrooms today in my house. I didn't. I did make chicken and alfredo sauce and it's now bubbling away in my slow cooker waiting to be added to noodles and devoured. That I can do as well.

tuesday morning ramblings

Not a whole lot new. Just feel like maybe I should blog more! Things are looking up around here. The house is (somewhat) clean, the flu is (hopefully) gone, and the weather is turning nicer! I can't tell you what it does for my mood when the temperature takes an upswing.

You know what I love about Manitoba? I just know that as soon as it's +7 out there we'll be seeing people in shorts and t-shirts. Outside. Trying not to slip on the ice and fall into puddles and get their flip flops wet. Love it. The other day I did see some guy biking wearing shorts. I thought maybe it wasn't quite warm enough yet - only +3 you know.

I figure a few more weeks and I'll move my babies out of their parkas and into their lighter jackets. Very exciting. I just can't do it yet. They're still in parkas, tuques and mitts. Soon enough. Soon enough my boys will spend the days in the yards in only their shorts and their suntans, and Jordan in her little sun dresses. She's mad at me…

i think my baby's fat

Because it certainly can't be me gaining all this weight independently. Jeez.

You know what? I haven't gained pregnancy weight like this since I was pregnant with . . . oh I don't know . . . a girl.

Two weeks today and I'll find out!

Just so you know, it's not like it has to be a girl. Have you met my sons? They're fantastic!

summer's a comin

Remember that time when it was summer? Me too!

I know it's only the beginning of March, but it feels like it's on its way again! I'm so excited. I am not a winter person. I can't wait to slap on my shorts, get this baby out and get down to business. I already have some family functions and stuff planned for the summer, and I'm itching to start filling in my summer fun calendar!

I am also extremely anxious to get my kids out of the winter parkas and into their sandals. Imagine how great it's going to be to be able to get everyone ready in under five minutes??


Sighing. Bliss.


Remember this post, where I confessed that I've been trying to freak Steven's freak a little about having twins?

I have to admit, it was lots of fun, giving him multiple reasons constantly, watching him pretend to be cool and not believe me. The look on his face suggested otherwise.

I had an ultrasound a couple of weeks ago. Here in town, they do the ultrasound first without the husband, and then once all the important stuff is done they let hubby in to see the baby for a few minutes.

A friend of mine at playgroup told me that if Dee was the ultrasound tech, to say hi from her. Turns out, it was Dee. I told her "hi" from my friend and we chatted for the duration of the ultrasound. Just before she was about to fetch Steven I said "You know, I've been telling my husband for months that I'm sure there is more than one baby in there." She doesn't even hesitate: "So you want me to tell him that there are two?" Yes, yes I do.

Steven comes in, an…

catching up

March 6, 2010

It's the night of March 6th. I'm actually laying in my bed right now, writing this by hand because I've turned off the computer and it takes about fourteen hours and more patience than I have to boot it back up. You'll get this tomorrow. Maybe. I kind of have this thing about stuff changing. Steven informs me that I could blog on the old dino-laptop while the other computer is down, but I just don't feel like it. It's not the same. Yet, I'll bite the bullet. I've been a little MIA on here. I haven't read any of your blogs in weeks because I don't have my handy "brief" on this computer. Tonight I relented and read 80-some blog posts on google reader instead. Don't be offended by meager comments. It all became a blur after a while!


I almost died tonight too. I was walking down the stairs and I stepped on a toy. It was dark. I have this thing about lights. Steven scoffs. If he's downstairs on the computer he's…

there are some posts coming

I practically promise it.