blogtober 12th

Is it really only the 12th? I have a bazillion more days of this?

I mean . . . yay Blogtober.

Today I grocery shopped, diaper gymed, made lunch, prepared supper, eventually remembered I had groceries in the van to bring in, and chatted with some friends on the phone. Tonight the kids have Awana and I'm probably going to sit around and wait until I'm annoyed with the dishes before finally doing them. Then maybe I'll go to bed early. Maybe not, but maybe. I always say I will, but then we get watching TV and it's just so hard to get up once I'm sitting. Even if I know that getting up means laying down (another favorite pastime).

Tomorrow we're going to run into the city to have family pictures taken, buy whatever snow suits we need (maybe I should get out the old ones and try them on the kids) and be back in time for dinner and a proper bedtime.

I really love when the kids go to bed. I mean, I miss them so much when they're sleeping . . .

Tomorrow night begins the Twilight series with a friend. We're going to watch all four of the movies in this next month leading to the premier of the final movie.

Remember all those times I bitched about how crappy the Twilight books and movies are? You can read about it here and here and here and here.

The joke's on you. I'm seriously not going back to find the posts. Nobody cares that much anyway.

The movies are pretty bad, but hanging out with friends in our pajamas and watching movies while having snacks and some good old female bonding (and no, there is no nudity or pillow fights involved in girls nights Steven) is worth it.


Regan said…
WHAT!? No nudity and feathers flying as you sweat about the glittery blood suckers? (which brings me to mention that once in a blog you wrote about shimmering in the sun and I just about spit out my drink).

Have fun (well, as much as you can without pillow fights.

Men have such a warped version of girls' nights.
Tiffany said…
We spend too much time making fun of the glittering vampires to get too sweaty over them!

Men are funny.

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