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spring break thursday

Alright seriously. Whose idea was it to give the kids an entire week off from school? Really. This was a poorly planned  . . . well, plan.

We spent two hours in the snow at island park yesterday. I never wanted to be one of those "I'm gonna entertain my kids" moms, because I really think that left to their own devices, kids imaginations take over and they learn to entertain themselves. Entertaining oneself is an important life skill, especially for people with no iPhones. Everybody else should know how to keep themselves occupied without biting the person nearest them. Honestly.

Right, yesterday. The morning at playgroup, a couple of hours at home, then two hours in the snow. Today? I decide I want one day at home where I actually get to just bum around my house and not entertain my children . . . well. How dumb was that?

You know what it is? It's the never-ending winter. This is the winter that Just. Won't. Die. What is it? Last year farmers were combining by no…

sponsor me for the ms walk! (i won't likely buy you a pony, but you'll get some seriously awesome karma)

Spring is just around the corner, and with it, many opportunities to fund raise and donate to loads of causes. I know that it's only a matter of minutes, and there will be neighborhood kids knocking on the door for Jump Rope For Heart and people canvassing for Cancer Care.

I for one will be participating in the MS Walk again this year. I think it's a great cause, and it's one that's close to my heart as a good friend of mine has been diagnosed with MS.

If you'd like to make a donation to MS, please visitmy fundraising page and check things out! I'll also post a link along the side of this blog if you'd like to come back later. :)

If you'd like to join the walk, and become a member of Amy's Army, let me know, I can totally get you in. We are so very not scary.

Hope everyone's having a great day!

wouldn't be spring break without a visit to the park!


spring break wednesday

This morning Mitchell stuck a cinnamon heart candy up his nose. Then he cried, less because he had something stuck up his nose, and more because it was starting to melt and burn.

I really shouldn't laugh, and I didn't really laugh a little in front of him, while it was all happening.

We are on day three of Spring Break. I'm generally pretty excited for a week off from school. I am not, however, happy that there are still feet of sloppy white snow outside. Last year we had our Easter egg hunt outside in the grass. This year we'll just scatter stuff around our house. I guess. Maybe I ought to go out and buy a few things.

On Monday we hung out here and in the afternoon Jordan went to play at a friend's house. Yesterday my mom and I took the kids swimming all afternoon. Today I  brought all four of them to diaper gym. Nothing says fun like an almost eight-year-old kicking around giant balls (and yes she can hit the light fixtures with the ball. in a gymnasium. where th…

i run for burgers and blizzards

I had a blog post in my head. It was clever and witty and super fun and all, and then someone texted me and POOF it's gone. It's really hard being me sometimes.

I went to the track this afternoon and walked a few laps, ran six miles, walked a few more laps and ran another half mile. My six mile chunk took me 62 minutes. I was beyond psyched about it. I haven't run six miles all at once since before the snow.

What? Are you wondering if I kind of took the winter off?

Why, yes I did. It's been a weird winter.

Whatever. I ran six miles in 62 minutes. It almost feels like I could slide right back into my runner-ness. I may just do that. My plan is to run outside at 5:45am on the very first Monday Steven doesn't have to leave the house at 6:20, and run my regular six mile route. I time it perfectly for the run without walking. Being back in time for Steven to get to work by seven and not be late is awesome motivation for not walking.

Ever read "running blogs?" …