not me monday

I'm sure that most of you are aware that I am a most perfect woman. Therefore, I did most certainly not do any of these things this week/weekend:

I did not run and hide in a bookstore after our sons went wild on the escalator, forcing their father to chase them, and a manager to appear. Nope, not me. I would certainly not do anything of the sort. I'm the type of mother who stands up to challenges and rights the wrongs of my children.

I did not happily jump at the chance to leave one son with one friend and the other son with another friend for the entire afternoon today. There's no way I could be without my darling boys, even for a moment. Kindergarten is almost too much to bear, I definitely soak up every other second of each day and never let them leave the bosom of my heart.

I did not get all teary when going through an old wall calendar when I noticed that it said "Mitchie took his first steps!" on one of the days. No, not me. Not sentimental at all. Children grow up, I'm so very evolved and ready for everything that life has to offer. I wouldn't look back at the littler people that they were not so very long ago and get emotional.

I did not promise myself that I'd vacuum tomorrow, only to promise the kids that they could have popcorn and an afternoon movie (also tomorrow, amazing how I know how the day is going to play out before it even gets here!) just so I'd have an excuse to put off the coveted chore. I would never do that. I am industrious and organized and abhor the idea of not having a show-home quality residence each and every day. Nope. I surely told those kids that there would be no delicious, messy snack, because the vacuuming is much more important!

I did not just scoop up my half-dressed little daughter and load her in the van without shoes, a jacket or underwear to go and pick up my older children. Not me. Of course I'd give myself plenty of time before it was absolutely time to go to properly dress my child. It's practically winter after all!


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