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the evolution of the child

Human beings are funny creatures. Take Tennyson. I adore him, and it's funny because I know he adores me too. He sits on the knees of other people and if he can hear my voice he cranes his little head to the max to get a look at me. It's quite flattering. And when he does finally scope me out I get a big bright winning smile. I'm his absolute favorite person. You can almost hear his internal monologue "Okay, I just saw her a little while ago . . . I hear her voice . . . she must be here somewhere . . . ooh, little mermaid . . . wait, that sounded like mommy again . . . look on the couch - no . . . look over there . . . turn my head upside down and backwards . . . there's mommy! i love mommy, look at me mommy, smiling at you mommy, yay mommy!" Cheesy as it sounds, if you saw him you'd know I was right. All I have to do is look at the little prince and he glows with joy. It's very sweet.

Then I sub at a high school. Today they had their "lits."…

happy friday

It's Friday! I haven't been able to be excited about Friday in a really long time. I've been unemployed since April, and Steven hasn't had weekends off with any regularity since he's been in the workforce. But today, it's Friday! I know now that I don't have to get up and work in the next two days so I can shut my phones off and sleep. Oh blessed blessed sleep . . . but wait, there's still that baby. And that toddler. Okay, well I don't have to work anyway.

Work hasn't been too bad. My preference is for high school but I've had junior high the three out of four days that I've worked so far. They've been pretty good. The first group I had this morning was apparently rotten for the last sub, so they were warned and threatened like crazy by all their teachers in the last couple of days that they had better be nice to me today. Usually when this happens they're perfect until they're alone with the sub and then they go for the jug…

baby tiffany

It's amazing really. I used to be embarrassed when my mom would pull out my photo albums. I was always convinced I was the ugliest baby ever! Yet now when I look at the old album with picture after picture of a perfectly posed baby on the couch, and in the jolly-jumper, and in fancy clothes and in the arms of all the people who I love so much it just makes me happy! Weird how becoming a mom changes your perspective on things. Not that I was cute. lol.

And check out the hottie mama!

about me

NAME: Tiffany

4. WHAT DID YOU HAVE FOR BREAKFAST? A slice of Greek Pizza
8. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE CD AT THE MOMENT? “Goodbye Alice in Wonderland” - Jewel
10. FAVORITE LUNCH? Anything I don’t have to prepare myself!
12. MY FAVORITE PAST-TIME IS: Reading or watching movies
14. TO WHERE WOULD YOU RETIRE? Anywhere between Austin and Portage, in the country in a big bright farmhouse.
15. WHAT WAS YOUR MOST MEMORABLE BIRTHDAY? My 18th, that was a fun birthday year, right Leigh Ann and Phil?


This is a picture of Lyla, me, Angela and Lorelie. Last night they came to my house along with their husbands and many babies, for pizza, cake (thanks lyla!) and games. I love spending time in my home surrounded by friends, and these three are some of the best friends I've ever had. Good friends are hard to come by, and now that I have such wonderful ones I'm sure not going to let them go, even if I have to drive an hour an a half for a good visit!

These are our kids. From left to right is Jamin (angela's), Jordan (mine) and Oliver (Lorelie's). They played so well together yesterday, nobody was bitten, smacked or squashed too badly - anybody with kids this age will know what I'm talking about. It's awesome watching Jordan grow up and suddenly really wanting to play with other kids her age, it's friendships blossoming, and it's neat to watch as they start to interact with each other.

Our wonderful husbands; Andrew (Lorelie's), Steven (mine) and Jeff (A…

slacker mom

I'm so bad. Steven and Jordan just left to do some errands, and I stayed home to clean and tidy before our company comes tonight for pizza and games. Let's just say I have done nothing. Nope. Nada, zip, zilch. Well, I did put Tennyson in his swing, and read the paper and blow dry my hair. There are still bathrooms to clean, and toys to put away, and pizza toppings to prepare, maybe some dusting. Yet here I sit and blog. Maybe it's because nobody ever takes Jordan away, and when it happens I want to just veg. She's quite a bustle of activity!

Not everything I've done lately has been slack-oriented. I called a lady yesterday who caters out of MacGregor and offered my services on a casual basis. I have two days coming up already! I also (finally) have my application complete at the school division, and I have a bunch of days lined up to substitute. Not that I've done any of this yet, but the intent is there! Until then, I think I may just sit here. hehe.

p.s. The l…

mommy moment

I was reading a blog on today, talking about how facebook deleted pictures of mothers nursing their babies because breasts were exposed. It seems they have policies against photos of exposed breasts regardless of the context. Of course, following something like this, breastfeeding groups are quite offended. I'm not entirely sure where I stand on this subject. Personally, it doesn't bother me at all when women breastfeed. I breastfed both my kids. It surprises me when people are so outgoing about it that they don't cover up at all, but I'm not necessarily offended by it. I wouldn't really consider it "nudity" or anything, but I guess if you have a policy against breasts then the pictures would have to go.

Then I went online to look at pictures, because the babycenter blog was talking about all the art over time that depicted breastfeeding mothers as something beautiful and natural. That's where I found this picture, and I loved it instant…

where is everybody?

I seriously need my friends to start blogging, or do more stuff on facebook or something. I'm getting all addicted to this stuff, and now I've caught up on everyone's facebooks and blogs! It's getting a little boring on this thing. You can tell, since this is my 3rd blog today.

It is very appreciated when people write stuff, so please do! If by chance you are reading this for the first time, and you have a blog, let me know! I'll stick it in my links so fast it'll make your head spin!

I added a picture of my mom and Jordan, because it's cute and I haven't posted any pictures in a while. It really has nothing to do with trying to guilt everybody into keeping me entertained.

school time

I finally got the phone call from the school division office, and am now on the sub list! Pretty exciting! I even have jobs lined up already. Okay, so they're all for junior high, which is sort of the bane of my existence, but work is work! I even went yesterday and bought some new clothes, so I should be all set. The sales lady was crazy and I ended up buying way too much stuff, but Steven figures it's fine so who am I to argue my husband?

Steven's still looking for a job. Thanks to his wonderful sister Jan who helped him out in a pinch and let him work at Boston Pizza for her. He really likes it, but needs something a little more financially viable for our family.

Okay, really haven't got much to say here. This is probably my most boring blog, so I apologize to those of you who have to read it!

goodbye house

We said goodbye to our house yesterday. I know it's silly, being sad about a house. After all, home is where your family is and what's left in Winnipeg is only a house. Still, I felt a little teary as I walked around in the rooms one last time. The kids' rooms especially. We spent so much time making those rooms special just for them. Jordan's little fence that was used to cover up the hole in the wall ended up being so cute. As I stood in there, I can still see her jumping on her bed as we flipped through the story books on the shelf to pick out a bedtime story (or three). I love Tennyson's room too; how it transformed before our eyes from something entirely purple and drab to a cozy blue and green baby room. We were so excited to see the difference when we were done. I remember the first time we laid our new baby in the crib in that room, so freshly painted, anticipating his arrival. We spent so much time crafting that house into a place we could call our own. Lo…

hairnets and borscht

My little princess is having one of her days. Yep, emotional meltdowns all around. The last one was because I wouldn't let her throw a Boston Pizza hairnet into the summer borscht. I like the help and all, but I think Mommy should get to decide on the ingredients BEFORE Jordan adds them. It's so cute the way she wants to help with stuff, and someday it might actually be helpful (note the last blog where I was squirted with tilex). This morning I was cutting potatoes by my sink and Jordan was grabbing the potatoes and running across the bench and tossing them into the pot. Last night she tried to get herself a piece of cake. We had family over the other night for cake and coffee, and all the leftover cakes were in one container, probably about 2/3 of a cake worth. There is now NO cake left, as it ended up all over my kitchen floor. This stuff is frustrating. But then there is lots of stuff that she actually does pretty well; she can dress and undress herself entirely, she puts …

happy birthday to me!

It's my birthday today. I am officially old. Ok, so I'm still in my 20's and haven't got much to complain about. And it's not like I haven't accomplished anything - a university education, a wedding, two houses, and a couple of wonderful children. I really think we should celebrate ourselves. All too often we talk about the things we haven't done, or don't have. We complain about a little extra weight or our stretch marks.

I read something once that suggested to choose a person that you really admired, someone you know, not someone famous or anything. Pick a friend or someone you're really close to. Then, figure out what it is you like about that person. I'll say Ange because I've been friends with her the longest. I love Ange for so many reasons - she's been there for me my whole life. We played barbies together, and camped together, and built blanket forts together. She gets my odd sense of humor and always laughs at my lame jokes. She…

hello from portage

I've now been living in Portage for a month! It's funny how badly I wanted to move here, and now that I'm here I'm really torn. I miss my home in Winnipeg. Steven and I were so excited when we bought it, and finally were able to move our little daughter into a room of her own. We picked out colors, had our floors done, changed light fixtures, and much more. We were even there for the entire pregnancy with Tennyson, and he was born in that house! After a year of being there it really really felt like home. This place doesn't yet. I don't even know why really.

It's funny how we change over time. The biggest change in me is how my wants have changed regarding working and family. I was so excited to get my degree and become a teacher, to make a difference, and "be somebody," if that makes any sense. I have always said that women should work and contribute financially to the home so they wouldn't have to ask for money or feel subservient to their h…