get it out! part 2

Today's haul isn't quite as impressive as yesterday's, but here it is:

The box is full of pasta sauce jars that I've been saving for years. I'm not sure why really, but it seemed like a good idea at the time, because who knows when you'll need a jar for something? Right. Gone. The mattress is a crib mattress that's in pretty good shape that I'm giving to a friend.

I've had a productive morning, despite the lack of a giant pile of stuff to send out the front door. I washed and dried four loads of laundry (haven't folded yet), I took the rest of the meat off the turkey that we had for Thanksgiving dinner (to be made into a casserole tomorrow), I prepared a meatloaf and peeled potatoes for supper tonight and I baked the rest of a batch of cookies that Steven started the other day. The batter was still sitting in a bowl in the fridge and I've noticed that the amount of batter in the bowl seemed to be decreasing despite making any cookies. Go figure, Steven. I fed the kids lunch, kicked them outside, and did up all the dishes from all the kitchen work. Now I'm on the couch for the first time today, and I think at 2 o'clock I'm going to hit the treadmill for an hour. Either that or run on it.

Remember the computer room I cleaned out yesterday? Here are the after pictures:

Some of it was basic cleaning and organizing, but I got rid of a lot of stuff too. I love purging these spaces that turn into catch-all areas.


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