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Oma & Opa

They will be missed.

spring break, 2016 - BOOM, it's over, just like that

It always seems like a week off is a long time, at least until it's Sunday and you're thinking about whether you feel like going shopping so you can make the kids real lunches, or just filling baggies with dry cheerios.

We didn't do much. Well, we did a few things, but our ten days was sprinkled, nay, blanketed, with lounging about at home. Home is so nice sometimes.

What did we do when we weren't in day three of the same pajamas and unwashed hair? Alright, I'll come up with something.

Some Spring Break-Type Stuff
On Saturday my Aunt Marie invited us over to her house to join her and her lovely children and step-children for dinner. It was delicious and plentiful. The kids tired out the dogs, splashed around in the hot tub, and ate multiple pieces of pie, which is odd because they were way too full to finish their dinner. On Sunday, Steven's mom and sisters and nephews came here for potluck Easter dinner and cards and chips and a little rum. A good time was had …