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goodbye 2007

Well, I have to say I'm glad Christmas is over. I'm feeling a little bah-humbug about everything right now to tell the truth.

Christmas morning was actually pretty cool. Jordan was so excited by her new Disney Princesses kitchen that we had to pester her to finish opening her gifts, and make her leave the house for the gathering. The whole time she's whining "no, wanna make a cup of tea!" It's the cutest thing. Tennyson crawled overtop, under and around all the presents while munching on paper and grinning and gibbering in his cute baby way. That kid is just so happy as long as we're all lounging about within his sight. My kids are great, I wouldn't trade them for anything.

Then we went off for Christmas dinner where I learned that my cooking is crap and our parenting is (as always) sub-par. Then Jordan jumped against a chair and spilled hot tea all over her Oma and herself. I was just hoping everything could go smoothly and everyone would have a good t…

gatherings 1 & 2

The other day we had our gathering at my dad's parents house. It was pretty good. Always so much food, and the kids had lots of fun. Jordan ran around like a crazy person with Marilyn all night. She's always so mad when we have to go.

Tonight was the Quiring gathering (Mom's side). No offense to any of the others, but it's always my favorite gathering. I think it's because I'm surrounded by people I grew up with, and it's very nostalgic. We always eat way too much food, open gifts, and then play games into the evening. Jordan has so much fun there too! There is getting to be quite the little group of little kids too: Jordan (2.5), Jamin (3), Stephie (2), Tennyson (8 months) and Aaron (7 months). And there are lots of older kids who help entertain these little ones so they have a pretty awesome day. It's neat to see the cousins whose diapers I used to change, and what they're like now as teenagers. It's hard sometimes to treat them like young adul…

my new eye

I got my new eye. That’s right, I’m all patched up and ready to go. Actually, the patch is gone, but you know what I mean. This last Wednesday (Dec 19th) we arrived at the ocularist at 9 o’clock. The day was broken into three chunks with two breaks in between. The chunks were as follows:
Kathleen (the ocularist, we’re so first name) made a mould of my eye with some sort of oozy clay. It stung a little, but I’ve had worse. Ask Tennyson. Then she sent that off somewhere and came back to work on the iris. She had a little container with different sizes of iris-shaped plastic circles, from which she chose the one that matched the size of my real iris. Then she mixed up her little paints and studied me and painted me a new iris. Pretty funky. Then we left.Upon return, the wax mould of the eye was done. She put the iris on it where she thought the center was and fitted it under my eyelid. She then readjusted the iris and tried again, as well as shaving off and reshaping the mould as needed. …

you want how many?

Yesterday we had a conversation that went something like this:

Setting: Kids are running wild, tearing at the Christmas tree, getting wedged in behind the speakers, making lots of noise. Steven is on the couch, Tiffany is sitting on the floor.

Tiffany:I changed my mind about having more kids. Now I just want one. You pick.
[steven and tiffany laugh because they are really funny]
Steven:[pauses, deep in thought] Okay, the next one.

santa clause parade

Last night was the Santa Clause parade here in Portage. Mom and I decided to go to Walmart and then park in front of KFC to watch. It's amazing, this small community really gets excited for this. We were driving back down the avenue at 7 and there were cars lined up the entire way down. I was sure we wouldn't find a place to park but amazingly enough there were spots right in front of KFC. Good thing too, because Steven and Angela were both supposed to meet us there. It was terribly cold, but the kids just couldn't get enough! Jordan was so excited, she had a permasmile on her face the entire time and her little arm didn't stop waving for a second. She loves big mascots, you should have seen her at the Portage Ex, she was hugging the RCMP mascot and then we had to catch her because she wanted to follow him around. Last night the excitement was the same. Her little nose was cherry red, and her cheeks were rosy, but boy was she happy. Even when we hopped back in the vehi…