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12:50pm - Lunch Time is Over

I managed to one-two-three a few bites into them. Then they just sat here since imminent starvation death had been avoided by the few bites they ate. I was tired of trying to make them eat it, so I said "Are you guys going to finish this or not?" They said Not.

I packed it back up. Snack time is at 2:30. Guess what they're getting.

dinner time battle of wills

Last night's supper was shake and baked chicken breasts, garden fresh potatoes with butter and sour cream, and roasted green beans with dressing and cheese. Not exactly weird food. In fact, it was very good.

Elliot and Mitchell said it was not good. They make this declaration about pretty much every supper food out there, before pushing it around their plates, taking two bites of the least disgusting part of the meal, and just holding out for breakfast.

Last night I told the kids that anybody who finished their entire supper could have a coke float for dessert. Jordan and Tennyson, who generally eat everything anyway, mopped their plates clean and happily watched me make their fancy drinks. Elliot and Mitchell whined, glared and begged for a coke float. I said no. I'm nice like that.

Then they tried to sneak away when we weren't paying attention. We called them back. Then Mitchell cried so we sent him to his room. Then we called him back. Eventually we told the little bugg…
Did you know that Blogtober is coming up?

I seriously don't know how I'm going to think about stuff to write for 30 days. Seriously.

I can't even think of anything interesting now as I procrastinate on going to bed.
Tonight was the first night of Brownies. Did I mention that I am going to be a Brownie leader? It's true. I even have a Brownie leader name.

It's going to be fun. There are lots of girls there, and Jordan just jumped into the group right away. She knows a few of them from school and I'm sure that by the time the year is out she'll be friends with everybody.

Also, Mitchie went to Beavers tonight (from now on out it'll be on Mondays) and he looks ridiculously cute in his little vest and hat.

Happy Wednesday.

a ticker. i know, shocking.

Alright. I'm going to mention this once and then leave it, because I've got an entirely different blog for this topic because I know that people who randomly stumble across this one really really really want to hear about some SAHM's latest vow to lose weight.

I'm totally vowing.

I'm really only mentioning this because I want to put my ticker back on here. And before anybody says "Hey Chubby, wasn't that down to like, 16 pounds a month or so ago?" I'd just like to blame the rain that caused us to spend a fair amount of camping time holed up in our camper eating chips.

Right. Ticker.

Here's the deal.

Oh yeah, and I ran the Treherne Run for the Hills 10K this last weekend, and as I pointed out on facebook, one should not assume that because a run in the "hills" is only six miles, that there won't really be that many hills. Apparently, they really can make a six mile loop hilly. I know. I was surprised too. I turned that first corne…

september schedules

I stood in line for over two hours tonight to register my daughter for gymnastics. I was sitting on the steps by 4:20 and the doors opened for registration at 6:30.

I was determined.

I had heard that the gymnastics registrations were insane last year, that people who showed up later than an hour and a half before the doors were unlocked were turned away because classes were full.

Last year we didn't put our kids in anything - no swimming, no gymnastics, no activities, nadda. Of course, my Mommy Guilt got the best of me and by spring I decided to rectify the situation.

Want to know what they're in?

Mondays: (I'll just go by week days)
Jordan - gymnastics
Tennyson - swimming lessons
Mitchell - Beavers
Elliot - swimming lessons

Jordan - piano lessons

Jordan - Brownies
Tennyson - hip hop

Jordan - swimming lessons
Mitchell - swimming lessons

Seems a little sideways from crazy.

I've also somehow become a Brownie Leader (you know they're seri…
Wow, where did the summer go? I was just telling the kids that they had a whole 69 days away from school, and now we're already a couple of days in. Our summer went by crazy fast, was seriously busy and just like that it's done. Oh well. The Verwey Family September calendar is filling up with many new activities and I can't wait to get started.

Also, I have a job! Did I mention that? I may have.

Also, Blogtober is only a few weeks away. I suggest some of you slackers start blogging a little to grease your wheels and help prepare you for the blogfest that is headed our way.