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38.5 weeks

It's starting to look like this baby may actually not come in June. Defiant already and not even here yet.

I've decided to start making plans for my days as though I'm not going to have a baby. I had it all planned out that I would have my baby last Friday because that's when all my June plans were finished up and I was free and clear to go ahead and deliver. Then I had some labour on Friday and nothing happened. I'm driving myself a little nuts.

Tonight Steven and I are going to go to dinner and a movie. The other day I mentioned to Steven that I'd been driving myself crazy with waiting every minute of every day for contractions that either didn't come, or that came and didn't mean anything. I told him it was too bad that we couldn't find a sitter and go to a movie on Tuesday or something.

The man found me a sitter. He's a dream. So is his dad - thanks dad!

So, dinner and a movie tonight. Hopefully a baby later on tonight, but if not, my mom has to…

slides and underducks

"Hey!" A lady at the park shouts. "Whose kid is this?"

Of course it's one of mine. I wave at her - "He's mine."

"He just went down the slide head first."

I sigh. It's Tennyson, what can I say? "He does that."

"Just so you know," she said, matter of factly, "they die."

Uh, okay. Here it comes.

"I had a friend whose kid did that, and he died."

"Okay. Tennyson, slide nice."

I'm sure that totally did it for her.

Ten minutes later:

"Mommy! Mommy! Push me on the swing! A big push, to the sky! A underduck!"

"Okay," I said. I had Tennyson on a swing and Mitchell in a baby swing. I looked around and mumbled to myself "I wonder where Jordan is?"

I pulled Tennyson back on the swing and pushed him hard and high. As he hits the top of his arc he yells "There's Jordan!" while letting go of the chain to point her out to me. Of course he sails through the air and h…

thirteen questions

1. What was your favorite game as a kid? To be honest? Probably Mario Brothers on nintendo. The original nintendo.
2. If you had to pick reading or watching tv and movies for the rest of your life, what would it be? I'd read, as long as I had good books.
3. What is your favorite non-blog website? I was just about to write "Google Reader" but I think that's probably uber-blog related. I hate to admit it, but probably facebook is the website I'm on the most.
4. What was your favorite book as a child? What about now? I don't know if I had a favorite. I was always reading, and I don't know if I ever read the same books over and over once I learned about the library! Now: I have a hard time picking just one. I read lots of books written by women authors these days, and right now I'm munching up Christopher Moore books as we can find them. I'm also reading White Oleander by Janet Fitch which is really well written. I recommend her.
5. If you h…

the worst day

Today has been the worst day.

Last night I went out with the girls and ate a big supper. I felt like a brick was sitting in the pit of my stomach after that. I came home and spent half the night not sleeping. This morning I didn't feel so well. My stomach still hurt, I woke up with a headache (usually happens after a night of crappy sleep) and I was so stinkin tired.

I went to diaper gym and hung out with the girls, trying unsuccessfully to have patience with my ornery children.

This afternoon I had a few "stomach troubles" (nice euphemism eh?) and continued not feeling so hot. Around 3 it occurred to me that I hadn't felt the baby move today. My stomach was rock hard and sore and back pain had set in. I went and laid on the bed and tried to relax. No movement. I rubbed my stomach and tried to disturb Petunia a bit. Still no movement. I changed positions a couple of times, I tried laying partly on my stomach to squish her a little. She's usually really responsive to…

sneaky sneaky

Today the kids were out in the sandbox playing. I was sitting beside the sandbox reading a book. Everyone wins. They get to show me how brave they are holding their dying dragonfly, I get to ditch the housework, hang with the kids and have an excuse to read. I'm way too fat these days to sit in a sandbox. I'd probably never get out. Steven would come home and I'd be rolling back and forth in there, unable to roll over the sides. It wouldn't be pretty. Plus there would be sand in all sorts of nasty places, due to the rolling.

Anyway, I brought out some ice tea for them. Tennyson spilled his about 6 seconds later.

"Mommy!! I spilled my ice tea!"
"I know honey, I just sat down, give me just a minute and I'll get you some more."
"Jordan, can you put some of your ice tea in my cup?"
"No, I'm not giving away my ice tea.

A few seconds later, I heard Mitchell crying inside. He had been napping. I went in to get him and at the same time brou…

slides, buckets and "owies"

I mentioned earlier (about 8 seconds ago actually) that the kids were sliding down the easel in plastic toy buckets. As was bound to happen, Jordan came running in here squealing because she banged her arm.

As any good Mommy would, I yell "No! Don't hug me! You'll get hurty stuff all over me!" Then I pretend to be scared while avoiding her hug. She tries to forcibly hug me, while trying to keep pretending to cry, while trying not to smile. I hug her. She's cute, I can't help myself.

Actually, I don't think I even threw in one of my infamous "Well that's what happens when..." lines. The kids are used to it. They ignore me and then wrap themselves in my hugs anyway.

Tennyson was right on her heels. After Jordan's hug was over, he says (in a very sad little voice): "Mommy, I hurted something too!" I laughed, "No you didn't. Why don't you just tell me you want a hug too?" He grins. "Okay, and I want kisses!"…

taking turns

I was listening to the kids play in the rec room earlier. They've all but destroyed this big plastic easel, and now what they do with it is lean it against a couch and slide down it in plastic toy buckets. I know. Genius.

I can hear Jordan take charge: "Okay Tennyson, you slide once, and then I slide 20 times." Of course, he lets her. I hear her for the next couple of minutes "One . . . two . . . three . . . four . . ." I let it happen. I know it's not exactly fair, but it's working for them. Wanna add tension? Let Mommy come in and mess with the system.

Eventually, he gets his one turn. Then Jordan says "Hey! I know! How 'bout my turn, your turn, my turn, your turn, my turn, your turn?"

Amen sister.

our useless youth, or is it the parents?

I walk. I know, I've mentioned it 100 times already. I walk in the mornings bright and early. I like going early actually, it's something that I got used to pretty quickly, and the streets are quieter and the traffic is light.

With one exception.

A couple of months ago I was walking the first leg of my route when a mini van passed me and pulled to a stop outside of a house. A kid got out and ran up to the door. Not sure how old this kid was, at first I thought he must be a little old for daycare (maybe 12ish?), but who am I to judge. He stuck something in the mailbox and ran back to the van and got back in. The van pulled ahead a couple of houses. Again, the kid hopped out of the van, ran up to the door, sticks something in the mailbox and ran back to the van.

It then occurred to me that he must be a paper or flier boy, and that his parents were actually driving him from door to door. At the end of the street I turned. The entire time I was practically keeping pace with this van.…

the "rules"

"Jordan, stay out of the pool, and don't dump a bunch of water in the sandbox. We're having supper right shortly and you guys don't need to get all dirty right now."

We had just returned from a day out and about.

Big sigh. "I know the rules Mommy, you told me a hundred times."

For the record - I usually let them muck. I just didn't think that they needed to start 20 minutes before supper. I also know that she knows this stuff, and I probably do tell her things 100 times.

Guess what she was doing just seconds after she figured I had disappeared.

That's right. Sitting in a giant puddle of water in the sandbox. Stinker.

37 weeks

I had my 37 week appointment yesterday.

Here are the things I know from the appointment:
the baby still has a heartbeat. I know this, because the doctor found it and not because she was frolicking around in my uterus the entire time I was in the waiting room. Because, you know, one thing does not imply the blood pressure was pretty much the same as it was the week before.I continue to gain weight. Go figure.when the nurse pokes your finger and squeezes out and tests your blood she's testing for blood sugar. Did you know that with a midwife they actually tell you what they're doing before they do it? Weird. Nurses? Not so much.
Sometimes I think I could just go to Walmart, check my own blood pressure, and then go home and weigh myself and phone these things in. Because I love taking my kids to Walmart and I wouldn't have to get a sitter. But instead I let the docs and nurses do these things to help them feel important. Can't have a bunch of bummed out doctors ki…

i am never getting pictures done at walmart again EVER

I'm not kidding. I know I've said that before, but I am truly truly done with them. This is going to sound grumpy, and it is, but just be glad I didn't write it when I got home.

I had an appointment today at 12 noon to have Jordan's pictures taken at the local Walmart Portrait Studio. I had all the kids with me (as I did last month when I took Tennyson). They have this package deal for $8 and 30 pictures. Not bad right?

Before I headed over to the portrait studio, I went to the photo lab to scan a photo to pick up in one hour. I put both boys in the cart and let Jordan walk. Of course I knew it would be a pain to make her stay with me. She refuses. I yelled a few times. Eventually she came back and stood next to the cart, playing with merchandise. I know, I shouldn't let her, but she was where I could see her. It took me all of maybe 10 minutes to finish up at the machine. By minute 7, Tennyson was pinching his legs together and whining at the top of his voice that h…

36 week appointment

Sometimes I feel a little sorry for my doctor. Then I remember that he's not pregnant and suffering life's pregnancy injustices daily.

Did I mention that Rolaids have left the country? Or that I only have two antacids left? I'm saving them for after cheesecake. That's unfair too, because who wants to ruin the afterglow of cheesecake with a tums?

Today at my appointment he came in and asked how I was doing. "Fine" I sighed. He chuckled. I said "I think you should just yank her out of there today, that would be awesome." He laughs. I think because he's a little afraid and he's not sure if I'm serious or not, but he's desperately hoping that I'm not going to hold him hostage with a tongue depressor until he makes the baby appear outside of me.

For the record: I have never been much of a pregnancy wuss before. I'm feeling pretty complainy these days though. With the other three pregnancies I refused to complain. Wanna know why? Beca…

a day on facebook. too bad i'm too cool for twitter...

Tiffany Verweyspent a half hour in WalMart with her kids and it may have thrown my ENTIRE DAY. Little heathens. Oh yeah - and note to kid - "do NOT stick your tongue out at mommy when she's trying to give you shit for something." Ugh.Tiffany Verwey She's been in time out for a little while now. Heh.Jan Verwey She's got spunk that one...Terra Van Deynze Don't feel bad I feel the same way when I go with my 4 kids all together! I am no help though because I can't even say it gets easier when they get older! It is just a different kind of not listening and fooling around!Tiffany Verwey I sometimes think that at least if they were a little older I wouldn't have to worry about them panicking if they lost me and running out into the parking lot and getting hit by a car. One time when Jordan was refusing to stay with me I snuck around an isle and was going to watch and see what she did. Well, it took about 3 seconds and she was ... See M…