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spring update

Well, it's been a while! Of course it's because life is fast and busy and I'd have lots to blog about. The last post is about signing the kids up for a poetry recital. In true Tiffany fashion, I've actually not had the kids practice at all yet, and it's a month away. Jordan still insists that she's not doing it, and after I wrote that last blog post she took her poem and wrote in big letters across the page that she was NOT doing the recital, and that it's STUPID. Nine year olds are awesome. I told her today that tonight she is going to sit down and type it out so that we have a copy of it that isn't defaced, and then she's going to print it out and read it to me a couple of times. That'll learn her.

Jordan has been bugging for months to get her eyes tested again. Apparently she can't see the board at school unless she's sitting close to it. Last spring I took her for an eye test, and the doc said that she did have a small prescription,…