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topic? what topic?

The school year is officially finished! I now have 14 months to enjoy with my children before working again. With any luck after the next 14 months I'll be able to secure a full-time teaching job. Guess we'll see! I can't believe that at that time I'll have 3 kids aged 4, 2 and 1. Crazy how life changes! I sure wouldn't change it back, even after the events in the last blog post!

Happy to report however, that Tennyson woke up with a smile on his face today. He's broken free of the inoculation-induced dementia.

Good grief am I bored. It's ridiculous. I've tried phoning people who I generally talk to, but that's not working out tonight. You know how it is when everyone except you has plans, stuff to do, husbands to cuddle. Sigh. You can probably tell that I really have nothing to blog about. So what have I done this evening?
vacuumedorganized the internet bookmarkschecked facebookhit "refresh" on facebook numerous times. nothing new happeningtr…

whose kids are these anyway?

Now I have to blog more, because Ange is on here now and I think she has blogged at least once after I blogged the last one. I know though that she'll be all flattered that I mentioned her. I just won't give out her street address or anything.

My son has been a monster the last couple of days! And I don't mean those cute, cuddly monsters on Toupee and Binou. He's been atrocious. He had his 1 year needle a week and a half ago, and right on cue he's got the rash and the attitude. I think he thinks his life is over. Since Monday morning he's been following me around wailing with his mouth open and his eyes giving me their accusatory "somehow you made me unhappy and now you better fix me or you'll pay" look. And pay I have! You know how sometimes in the morning or after a nap they're a little whiny and need a bit of cuddling before being released into the house? Yesterday - 40 minutes. And there was nothing "little" about it. He didn'…


We all know that men never truly grow up. But does anybody? Women I think show a more sophisticated and mature persona, and yet when I logged in here and saw that I had 69 more days until the baby came I almost laughed.I haven't been able to put my feet on the floor since I saw the monstrous mutant spider. If it suddenly decides to attack the pregnant woman with her legs crossed on the computer chair (and squeezed under the keyboard tray) it might have a definite advantage. Spiders are bastards that way.There is a plastic, slightly broken, green garden table sitting on my front lawn (right between the toilet planter and the broken refrigerator). I wrote Tiffany & Steven on it with kids chalk and put a big heart around it. If he doesn't notice when he gets home in the morning he's in so much trouble.I do more writing in the comment section of the blogs of others than some people do in their own blog posts. When Jordan gets up in the middle of the night complaining that …

as big as your face

This morning I was sitting at the computer, and out of the corner of my eye I saw something move. I thought it was a mouse. It wasn't. It was a spider. I would have killed it, but it was running at paranormal speeds, and then it leaped the last four feet, slammed into the side of the amp and then scurried up the side and around behind the amp. So much for any interest I might have had in learning guitar.

I don't know which is worse - having a mouse, or having a spider in my house that is THAT big.

happy father's day

I'd like to take a moment and wish my awesome husband a happy father's day. We actually celebrated our fourth anniversary a few weeks ago, and I forgot to post my love that day, but I haven't forgotten father's day on here!

Many of us get married and we know that kids are on the horizon somewhere, even if not in the near future. I think it's one of the most important things that we should consider when we get married. Sure we love our partner/fiance/boyfriend, but we need to think of the rest of our lives. Soon our boyfriend becomes our husband and the relationship changes. When we begin seeing someone we have the thrill of the new relationship. Remember the way you'd feel when you'd see his car pulling into your driveway? Your heart skips a beat and you get this goofy grin on your face that you try your darnedest to tone down a bit so you don't look half so eager and uncool and collected. You do weird things with your schedule so you can see each other …

no, they're not all mine



We celebrated Jordan's 3rd birthday this last weekend. I can't believe how fast the time is going. You may think "but she's only 3" and she is, but I feel like "wow, she's 3 already."

Sometimes I think - if only she was a little older and could do this by herself, or understand that a little better. But then i think that I'm wishing away the time that is now. This is a great time. This age can be frustrating and trying too, but it's wondrous in the things she's learning and doing as her tiny hands struggle to grasp independence and understanding.

Sometimes I just watch her. She's such a miracle. It's so easy to be tired and short-tempered when as a mother I juggle kids, a job, family and try to keep my own identity throughout. Yet if I watch my daughter play and get into things I really learn so much about her.

For instance, she's fascinated with the hose and watering. She can turn it all on by herself now, and it's aggrava…

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