thanksgiving monday happenings

I'm basting a turkey right now. Well, roasting a turkey. It's not time to baste again for another little while. Other things I've done today? I took Jordan to piano lessons at 2 o'clock, I ate a moderate amount of Steven's fantabulous cookies, I hung out in bed for an hour after I woke up, until Tennyson yelled "Daddy come here!" from the bathroom. Our toilet tends to plug up and overflow everywhere if there's more than a pee and one square of toilet paper in it.

Not much else. I researched hair cuts online. I'm a little tired of mine. Although, cutting it all off is kind of scary too. I just really don't know. You know what I need? For somebody to come over every day and do it for me. That would be awesome!

We're going over to my sister-in-law's for Thanksgiving dinner tonight. I'm bringing a turkey. It's roasting as we speak.

I need to start running again. For real. Not just two or three times a month.

I threw a raw turkey liver out the back door. The dog sniffed it warily and didn't eat it. I can't say I blame him.


Candice said…
After that lady finishes with your hair, she can come do mine everyday. Or heck, I'd take once a week and go into maintenance mode everyday in between. Because right now? I'm perma-maintence mode. Haven't even had a cut since January. Not kidding.
Tiffany said…
That's what I'm like too! Just had a trim at the beginning of September but I am not sure when the last one was. Maybe before last Christmas? It's bad!

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