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walked to the library and back today

And feel great! If not a little sweaty. It's back on. Watch that ticker - it's toast.

After the baby weight ticker will be the "next ten pounds" ticker. Or the "new boyfriend" ticker, because that's the ten I put on after Steven and I got together. Stinkin' new boyfriends anyway. Good thing he was so cute!

new ticker

Everyone keeps telling me that I just had a baby. I know I did. Doesn't mean I want to look like it.

I've added a ticker. I was kind of chicken to put it on there - advertising my extra poundage and all, but I'm hoping it'll help motivate me to get up off the couch and do something about this muffin top!

Wish me luck.

12 days

And you thought it would take me until day 12 to finally get some pictures on here! Ha! If you look under this post there are pictures of day 8. That's right, mother of the year award is definitely mine this year.

You know what I love about babies before they discover that the arms and legs flopping about beside them are actually their own? I watch her when she's hungry, but not mad enough to cry. She'll be laying on a blanket and sort of rooting around in the air for some munchies. Then, her hand or arm brushes against her cheek and she whips her head around and opens her mouth and kind of starts sucking mid air. Seriously, lips, tongue, jaw, all involved. If she can just suck hard enough milk is sure to find it's way in there.


Of course, her hand is long gone. It's such a tease. Then the other arm brushes against her ear or neck or cheek and she flops her head over that way - more sucking.


The voraciousness with which she su…

8 days


Elliot Lynne

Here are the proudest big brothers and big sister you ever did see, and their new baby sister!

Elliot Lynne

Born July 2nd at 7:48am
8 lbs 8.7 oz
21 inches long

For more pictures, click here!