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no bunny

Well, the bunny poll is now closed. I actually can't believe it won so heavily in favor of not getting a bunny! To be honest, the idea of a pet is better than the actual pet itself. A few of you gave me some less-than-encouraging reasons not to get a bunny and helped me to decide against getting a bunny. I'd have probably decided that on my own at some point anyway. I hope.

born in the southland, baby

The other day I buckled Mitchie into his car seat in the van. As I started driving he's pointing at the front of the van and yelling/whining "dat, dat, dat!" Dat is 'that'. I couldn't figure out what he wanted. I looked around thinking he saw a toy or something interesting that he wanted. There was nothing. I turned on the radio. He looked happy for a second until it fired up. That's when I figured it out - he actually wanted the song.

The kids have a favorite song. It's a bluegrass song. Jordan and Tennyson sing along, and the three of them play air guitar in all the right places. It struck me as funny that the baby was requesting the song too. These are the song lyrics:

I was born in the Southland
Twenty-some odd years ago
I ran away for the first time
When I was four years old

I'm a free born man
My home is on my back
I know every inch of highway
And every foot of back road
Every mile of railroad track

I got a gal in Cincinnati
Got a woman in San…


I completely intend to blog again soon. After all, my life is full of interesting tid-bits (what we had for dinner, whether or not I mopped, if today was a hair-washing day or not, etc.), and my kids are above-average cute.

Did I mention the kids? 'Cause they really are cute. Even when they're naughty, they're naughty in a cute way. So many times I catch them doing naughty things and I scold them appropriately while trying not to laugh, then I call my mom up and have a good little chuckle about it with her. She loves the kid stories. I love my mom so I oblige. I think the people she works with know more about my kids than some of our own relatives - being that they actually ask her what's new with the grand kids and she passes this stuff on. I gotta keep her in the know, you know?

Off to bed. After I clear all the clean laundry off it. But that's an entirely different post. Okay, not really, it's really quite boring.

Hope you're all having a great night!

vote in the bunny poll please!

And you better pick the right answer!!

mommy stuff

My girl is so funny. Tonight she comes into the computer room and finds a broken hot wheels car.

"It's a broken car!" she says. "I like that car, but sadly, it broke." I know it probably sounds like no big deal, but I think it's hilarious that she added in the "...but sadly..." part. She does that a lot now, ads in extra words or phrases, stuff I'm not really expecting. She's so smart.

I'm completely unbiased.

The other day I was covering my ever-increasing baby bump with lotion. Jordan is fascinated with "the belly" and was just staring at it. "Look Jordan," I said. "The baby is making Mommy fat." She looks up at me with the patience of a 13 year old and says "Oh Mommy, you're not fat, the baby is just growing!" She's so positive about it, she loves it. She loves that her little sister is in there growing big enough to come out and become the family dolly.

Did you know that Jordan didn't…


Do you want to know what you sound like when you scold someone? First, have two kids sort of close in age and listen to the way they give each other heck.

It's occurred to me that I say "that doesn't mean . . . " a lot.
Tennyson annoys Jordan. "That doesn't mean you get to hurt him."
Jordan wants to paint. "That doesn't mean you wait until I'm off doing laundry and sneak it all out."
etc. etc.

Last night the kids were brushing their teeth. We were talking about toothpaste. I buy the kids mint stuff because it's cheaper than the baby stuff. They were complaining about it, and they want the Winnie the Pooh bubble gum flavored toothpaste again because it tastes better. Tennyson is sitting there, watching himself in the mirror, using his toothbrush to smear paste and slobber all over his chin, and complaining about his yucky toothpaste.

Jordan snaps "That doesn't mean you rub it all over your face!!"

She uses the EXACT same ton…

kid-related, blog-slacking excuses

Remember that time I blogged? I do too, like it was just last Saturday. I actually have a pretty good story, but those boys upstairs are a little naughty.

"Look at us, we're nicely playing with trucks, we're not fighting, nobody is "squishing" anybody else into the floor, Mommy could totally sneak downstairs for two minutes and check her email, we'd be really really good, honest."


The minute I get down here I can hear stools being shoved around and kids squawking with the dismay of having lost toys to other kids. I hear thumps. I hope it's Tennyson landing on his feet and not his head as he vaults from the couch. I hope it's the couch and not the piano.

Do you want to know how I know the next blog is kind of a funny story? Because the minute I found out about it, Steven says "and you don't have to blog about it."

Stay tuned.

from blog to paper

I must admit that I'm not the best at keeping baby books. In fact, Jordan is the only one that has one and it's far from completed. I kind of feel badly about it, but not enough to lose any sleep. I write things down (somewhere) as they hit milestones (sometimes) and I (every so often) take pictures.

The other day I was looking for a picture on here of the day I went into labour with Mitchell. I know that I posted a picture of myself just hours before having him and I wanted to look back at it and see how big I got. I know I can beat it this time. I didn't actually find it, probably because I got distracted reading posts from back then. There were things about my kids on there that I completely forgot about but that I remembered exactly once I was reminded.

Then I thought - this blog is WAY better than baby books! There are stories in here about the kids, the goofy things they did, the crazy things they did, the cute stuff they say. Loads of them. It's all I write about …

easter eggs

I deleted the poll. I've noticed that you're all a little scared to weigh in on that one. I guess there is no win-win answer.

Have you also noticed my cute baby ticker? It beats the alien baby floating around that I used for Mitchell.

There's this rumor that the weather on Good Friday will carry through for the next 40 days. I've never heard this before. It's heinous. I choose not to believe these crazy things.

Jordan made Easter eggs the other day at nursery school. They were hard boiled eggs, coloured pink and yellow and green with food dye. They were very cute. On Thursday afternoon, the same day she made them, she came to me with an egg in her hand and told me that it broke. I felt bad for her. She was all teary and sad. I promised that we'd make some more. Later I noticed spoons in the living room. I didn't think much of it, but I asked the kids why they were there. They were having egg and spoon races. Sometimes my sympathy wanes a little.

We still made t…

scrambled eggs

Do you ever feel like you want to get on here and just vent like crazy? I'm totally like that. But then sometimes it's about someone and I know if that person read it they would totally know who it was about and I'd be on the shit list, or at least closer to the top of it than I already am. Sometimes I wonder if I should even care. Maybe I shouldn't care enough to even have "the right thing to say" in my head. Probably not.


You know what? I have some of the best friends and family ever. If I sat with you at diaper gym this morning it's because I enjoy being around you. I love that I've found this place in town to meet people and make friends. If I tease you it's because I think of you as a friend. Feel free to toss a little back.

I have a family gathering on Sunday at my Grandma's house. I'm looking forward to it. The family doesn't mind having my children unleashed on them, because theirs are all the same. It's fantastic. The…