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bedtime musical chairs, again

When Jordan was about 22 months old we excitedly transferred her to a twin bed. After all, we needed the crib for the new baby, due in about a month.

It was horrible.

You know how with the first kid you're all excited to have them do the "next thing" all the time? Sitting up, crawling, walking, getting out of a high chair, moving to a new bed, etc. How naive we were. Jordan's a busy kid. She runs from morning until night. She doesn't walk anywhere. She was a very busy toddler. There was no way she was going to stay in that bed. It took years before we were able to get her to stay in there without a fight. I tried everything - the super nanny thing where a parent sits there forever until the kid falls asleep (didn't work. she'd just outlast me and then sneak out), spanking, tossing her back in there 800 times. Nothing worked. Finally a friend suggested locking the door so she couldn't get out. I wrestled with that one, but finally tried it. She raged. Sh…

sing the song about the little girl and the honey Mommy, please?

Sometimes I feel like the world's worst mom. I just left Jordan crying in her room. Why? It's so silly. I took her back to her own room after reading them stories in the boys' room. She wanted a song. I said "sure, pick a song." She wanted me to sing the song about the mom and the little girl who didn't want anyone to take her honey. Apparently, this is something I've sung before. I have no recollection of this. I think she sometimes makes these things up. Actually, Steven has been known to make up these long winded songs, and then go to work the next couple of nights and leave the kids begging me to sing the song about the princess and the castle and the dragon and the pumpkin chariot. I had no idea they were made up. I'd tell the kids that I didn't know the song, and they'd just be over-the-top frustrated because they knew the song existed, and they know that Mommy magically knows everything and for whatever reason I was refusing to sing the…

baseball and baby rooms

I painted the girls' room over the weekend. Alright, to be honest, I decided we were going to paint, and then I painted a bit, and then I sort of let Steven take over. I'm pooped by the afternoon.

I made sure to make jokes about how lazy he was when he asked me to pour him some more paint or move out of his way. I'm sure it was much appreciated.

The room rocks, by the way. I'll have to put some pictures on here soon. It's very pink, but still rocks.

I am having rotten bouts of heart burn today. I'm sure the 600ml coke I just drank had nothing to do with it. I'm blaming the baby - and more importantly, Steven, for putting it in there.

Jordan and Tennyson had their first baseball game tonight. They've had some practices, but not a game yet. I shouldn't say game, I should say "game". It was interesting. Imagine trying to get a bunch of preschoolers to pay attention between batters. Good thing they're all so dang cute. It wouldn't have bee…

33 week doc visit

Today I went to see the doctor. Usually he asks me how I'm doing and I say fine. Today I gave him a list of grievances - you know, dizzy spells, not sleeping, feeling like poopoocaca for the last few days.

He said that was good, because the baby was growing.

Apparently I'm not nearly as scary as I thought. I was going to haul out my inner bitch, but to be honest, as much as I sound all tough on here, my inner bitch is kind of a pussy in real life.

To help me out, he upped my iron intake even more. I'm so excited to add "major constipation" to my list of grievances.

not a stepford mommy

I remember the gist!! I do!

I naively thought I would watch Ellen this morning. She was on in 15 minutes, so I flipped around to see what else I could watch and happened upon The Mom Show.

Good grief. Anybody ever watch that? They're pseudo mommies. Either that, or they're very real mommies, but put on this beautiful act for tv. Today they were making fancy covers for their scrap books. Apparently it's something you can do with your kids - so long as your kid is Rosie O'Donnell.

Why is it that being a mom these days entails constant playing with and entertaining your kids? Or putting them in ballet, music, swimming, sports, art classes, etc. at the tender age of 2.5? Is it really so wrong to open the backdoor and yell "everybody out" so that you can have a break from them climbing the cupboards and washing miscellaneous toys in the bathroom sink the minute you're not looking? Do we really have to play board games and do sight reading flashcards with our pres…

mild complaining, my apologies

I was upstairs, feeding my kids breakfast, and I had this entire post idea in my head. I was planning on coming down here and writing it when I had a minute.

Now I don't remember it. This tends to be a trend these days. I have the memory of a goldfish. It's not that I don't want to blog, I just can't remember the good stuff when I sit at the computer! I even have the kids all occupied cleaning up the toy room next to me. I'm sure that if I went to check on them right now they'd be cleaning, and not climbing over the baby gate, eating chalk, or taking out more toys. Actually, I know they're not taking out more toys, because they're already all out.

Remember when I said that I walked usually 6 miles a day, 6 days a week? I should never write these things. I think that my body has suddenly realized it's pregnant. As if the big expanding belly and the heartburn didn't alert it any earlier. The other day as I was just past the five mile mark I suddenly…
Click here to see an article about a little girl who was burned this week here in town.
This just breaks my heart that this poor kid is suffering now.

I really feel for the mother too. I can bet she's blaming herself right now, and yet the whole thing is so innocent. That little girl could be Jordan. I put things up and she waits until my back is turned and finds a way to climb up and get them. I know what it's like.

My heart goes out to them.
Do you ever read your own older posts and then laugh at how funny you were?

That's how you know you're cool.

i need one more follower to hit 10!

Anybody have any friends I can borrow? :)

the old grey mare - in about 20 years anyway

Did you see my ticker? Less than two months! I've been waiting for the seven month mark, and now that it's here all I can think of is how badly I want it to be June.

Because I'm having the baby in June. I'm thinking of telling the Doc to make a note of it in his file.

I had this great post in my head this morning as I walked. It was humorous, well-written, entertaining, etc. Honest. Do you ever do that? Have a post all worked out in your head along with all these little interesting asides only to sit at the computer a few hours later and although you remember what the post was about, the quirky voice with which you were going to write it is gone? Happens to me all the time. I honestly think I had more to say when I had a job. Not that chasing these little gaffers around all day isn't a job.

Okay, it's not really chasing. If your house is somewhat baby/kid-proofed and your kids are somewhat trained to not beg for snacks all day it's not that bad when you're…


Jordan had her first baseball practice tonight. No, I did not take pictures, because I never remember my camera. I'm one of those mothers.

I don't know if you know my kids, but they might have a slight case of ADD. It could be the age. I think they get it from Daddy. Pretty sure.

I like doing this stuff with them, but I always find that by the end of the hour I'm somewhat frustrated! They actually let Tennyson join in the practice, giving him a t-shirt and everything, but the second the coach's husband threw the ball to a different kid Tennyson dropped his head in a super-pout and slumped off into the field. The guy tried to call him back. I told him not to bother. Tennyson didn't last long anyway, he wanted to go on the slides and play in the trees, and pee in the grass. Now he says he doesn't want to play baseball anymore, he just wants to play at the playground. It might just be easier, he could be a little young for organized sports anyway.

Jordan actually doe…

did i ever mention that i don't much like being pregnant?

Because I don't. It's funny when I say that, because people look at me like I'm a little mental. You know, mother of four, pregnant for years.

I never said I didn't like my kids. Love 'em. Sadly, there's only one way to grow one, and until you can just ovulate onto an ivy and have the baby grow up near the ceiling in an ivy pod in a corner I'll have to do it the old fashioned way.

Sheesh anyway.

I should take a picture. I'm "blossoming" every day. Ha! Blossoming. I love when people try to use euphemisms. Makes me feel like a big beautiful fat flower. I actually think other women are awfully cute when they're pregnant. I told a friend the other day that she was starting to look pregnant. She's a few months behind me. I hope she realized that I meant it as a compliment, she looks very good! Yet, when I'm pregnant and start to look it and feel it, it's more like "for shit sake. Now I have to get fat again."

Side note: Jordan…

1 month, 3 weeks and 6 days

I'm getting pretty excited about meeting Petunia. Did I mention that's her name? At least while she's in utero. I can see it sticking. The kids talk about her like they talk about each other, and Jordan and Tennyson both call her Petunia without hesitation. Jordan wants to know why that can't just be her name.

Unfortunately for her, I just don't want to name my littlest daughter after the cheap flowers evereyone uses to fill up space in flower beds.

We actually do have a name, but we're keeping it a surprise until the big day! It's cute! It has a T in it somewhere. That's the only hint you get.

I'm really excited to meet her. We know this is our last baby (for sure!!) and I know that although I'll be excited for her little milestones, I know that it'll be the last first steps, the last first smile, the last everything. I can see how people are sad when their kids grow up. As much as I sometimes think "If only he was just a little older, I …

happy mother's day

Mitchell refuses to say Mommy. He says Mama, or Nonny. All day I hear Nonny, Nonny, Nonny. I'll take it. He's an angel. He loves to hug and kiss, and if I say "I love you" at the end of the hug, he says "uvvoooo" and hugs and kisses me all over again.

Tennyson wants to be a fireman so he can climb the big ladder and pick me flowers from in the trees. He came up with this on his own, and brings it up almost daily for the past few days. He's entirely serious. It's awesome.

Jordan brings me leaves, flowers, dandelions, etc. from outside constantly. She loves giving me things. Everything she colours, paints, or glues at nursery school says "To Mommy" and "Jordan" on it. The other day it was a picture of the two of us under a rainbow. You should have seen her face the first day she wrote Mommy on something. It was like Christmas for her, she couldn't wait to show me. She folded it up and put it in a special envelope and was practica…

ten things i've done in the past week

Survived three birthday parties for my son (who happens to be three now!!)Taken the kids to swimming lessons.Eaten a lot of pb & j sandwiches.Eaten a LOT of cake!Lost a pound. Yippee!!Walked 34 miles.Avoided certain household chores out of sheer notfeelinglikeitness.Watched new episodes of House, Biggest Loser, Grey's Anatomy and Desperate Housewives.Barbecued!!Had an after-bedtime burger date with my hubby!