'twas the night before halloween

And Amy and I watched Twilight: Eclipse - at least I think that's which one we watched. Again, Bella needed lots of rescuing and hand holding, Edward and Jacob read each others minds and commented on how much the other reeked, and Amy and I made fun of the whole thing. Although I think that Amy really really loves it and is just trying to save face.

Bella is definitely going to win an Emmy (oscar? academy? participation?) award for this movie. Look at her emoting up a storm in this picture. She's obviously really intensely happy, or sad, or horny, or devastated or high in this picture. Whichever it is, she's totally pulling it off.


Regan said…
It's all in the eyeshadow Tiffany. Just apply a little smokey black/ grey/dark blue on those lids and and part your lips slightly and you have it made!*

*Remember that this may cause dry lips...which is NOT sexy
Tiffany said…
LOL - so true. I better give my makeup team crap for not achieving this better so far!

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