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yes, i get paid for this

I'm at the school right now. Yesterday and today have been the easiest days in substitute teaching history. It is "student teacher" time, which means that I come in and help supervise the kids while the student teacher leads the class, does attendance, worries about discipline, etc.

You may think this sounds incredibly easy (especially since I just said it was), but I assure you, there are still definite hardships associated with these days as well. Attendance - I'm never sure whether the student teacher does attendance or (s)he leaves it to the regular teacher. I worry that I will appear lazy if I don't do it. I also worry that if I just do it they'll think I'm taking over their jobs. See? Peril.Keeping kids quiet - sometimes if they start to get noisy I'll help chastise them. Again, am I stepping on toes?Reading - it's hard to read my book when someone is teaching a lesson. Very distracting.Energy - as I sit in the big fluffy chair (with occasion…

random march pictures

Look how happy Tennyson is to be in this picture!

When Jordan saw that I was wearing beige pants she just had to go and change into hers. It was so cute. I figured, why stop there?

Look how much faster things get done when you have some help.

Daddy doesn't mind.

Tennyson looks so Unrau here!

I know, I'm such a good mommy.

This is the time-out spot. She wasn't in here that long, honest!

happy easter

Happy Easter! How was everyone's weekend?

Ours was pretty nuts. Steven had Friday, Saturday and Sunday off, and we ended up having Easter plans every night so it went by really fast! Not to mention that I'm now REALLY full. You know the feeling - it's the same at Christmas when you have gathering after gathering and you never really get un-full. Tomorrow may have to be vegetable day.

Unwinding is pretty tough too sometimes. Jordan came down with a cold over the course of the day, and at midnight tonight she woke up and cried a bit. Steven got up with her. Turns out she peed her pants. After that matter was taken care of he came back to bed, and then she started calling out for one of her aunties that had been here earlier. I went in to remind her that everyone else had gone home to bed, and was now sleeping. Of course, it's now 1:18am, and I can't fall back asleep. Checking facebook and blogging seems the next logical step.

Here's hoping that everyone had a good E…

potato farmer? me?

Substitute teaching can be tough. However, I seem to have been having luck growing plants these days. I made a discovery as I went down to get potatoes from my cool, dark closet in the basement.

Honestly, they were fine the other day! We've been eating them - and apparently I can just pull the shoots off and continue eating them. It's just amazing that this happens so quickly. I figure I should switch to potato farming. After all, they seem to just take care of themselves. Junior High students, however, do not.

an update from ICU

Unfortunately, the poinsettia didn't make it. However, my other plants seem to be thriving since the last update!

This is the plant I froze in the car and finally pulled all its dead leaves off. Look, it's growing again! There are even flowers!

This plant wasn't looking so good either, but now it's growing a ton of new leaves and absolutely thriving. It's amazing what putting them into the sun and watering them will do.

Plants are an unforgiving sort. They have voted and my children have been put behind bars. I'm working on a pardon, but it doesn't look good.

i'm having a baby

Yes, you read right! Steven and I are excitedly expecting our 3rd baby! The little bundle should be arriving sometime around August 28th. That puts me at 3 months now, only 6 to go! We'd have waited longer yet to tell (i don't tend to show super early) but some stuff has come up that's made it somewhat necessary to tell this news early.

The reactions of people are kind of neat. This baby and Tennyson will be 16 months apart. Some people don't care, and they're just so excited about yet another baby in the family. Other people think we're kind of nuts, although most are polite enough not to go on about it.

I'm happy. This is the first baby that I'll get to spend a year off with. I went back to University when Jordan was three months old, and it was a pretty demanding program. After I had Tennyson we had to finish painting and fixing up our house so we could sell it, and I went back to work in September when he was only 4 months old. You can imagine how hap…