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second last day of school

September: the first day of grade 1:

June 28: Second last day of school:

It really seems like just last week I was dropping Jordan off for her first day of the first grade. The school years really do fly by (or so it seems in June anyway). Jordan has changed and grown a lot this year. Grade 1 really is the stuff of big kids.



july photo challenge

Alright Sonya, I'll bite.

book 19

Just starting my 19th book of the year. I just finished Fifty Shades Darker by E.L. James. I'll get into that another time (maybe), but let's just say that it's somewhat interesting, but not as naughty as the reviews would lead you to believe. Aside from that, the story is, well - it is what it is.

Now I'm reading the first of a vampire trilogy by Christopher Moore. It's called Bloodsucking Fiends and I know I'll like it, because ol' Chris has yet to disappoint. Although, Fluke did get really strange really quickly somewhere after the middle. If you're going to read Christopher Moore, maybe don't start with that one. Otherwise, pick one up!

many, many updates

It's been almost a month since I've last blogged! It's not even like I don't have things to talk about.

Updates in point form (because everyone loves bullets):
We got a new dog. He drives me nuts sometimes but overall I like him.Diaper gym ended early this year to spare people from showing up and sitting alone during the month of waning attendance.I've been camping twice already. I got poison ivy once.Jordan turned 7. I still can't really believe it myself.I ran another half marathon. I could give details, but I'll sum it up with: a) next year I may have to run more to prepare, b) I kind of felt like I was done around mile 5, and c) I still almost tied my last year's time. I was short by 4 minutes. I'll take it! I went to the children's festival with Jordan's class on a field trip. I was glad to go and be there for Jordan's first real field trip. I was really happy to get off the bus when we got back to Portage. Even though I lost my van …