Blogtastic Tuesday

I'm cleaning dining room windows today. See that giant pile of windows on the table? Those are my inner windows in the dining room. See the windows still in the wall? Those are the outer windows. Don't even ask. My "dining room" was salvaged from a tornado-destroyed trailer park. I've actually cleaned that stack of windows on the table (there are 14 in all, and most of them had dried food smeared all over) and now I need to work on the windows still in the wall. See the rivers of condensation running down them? Me too. I'd probably be done already if I would stop petering out to check email, phone messages and blogs, but I am really not looking forward to cleaning windows that aren't going to look nice anyway.

That's my pout about that.

Jordan came home early from school today. She's not feeling well and says her stomach hurts. She actually does look pale and is now camped out on the couch. I am not looking forward to the first round of the Verwey Stomach Flu, Series 2012-2013. I've gone on at length about this before, so I won't now. Not too much anyway.

The boys are at a friend's house this afternoon. Elliot is napping. I now do not have to wake her up to pick up Jordan if she's still sleeping. Auntie Jan was nice enough to go and get her for me.

My goal is actually to take five garbage bags of stuff out of the house this week. The equivalent of five bags would be good too. If I take a box to MCC and return a stack of books to a friend I'm going to count that as a bag. It's time to declutter.

Pictures to follow.

Just not yet, since I haven't actually done it yet. But I will, if I ever finish these windows.


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