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I've been a bad picture-taking mother lately. I plan family things or we are invited to family things, and by the time we get doing what we are doing, and I organize the kids, and I take part in the festivities, and days and weeks go by, it never occurs to me to pull out a camera. I used to take more iphone pictures, but they're kind of crummy, as far as pictures go, so that's deterred me from snapping a lot of pictures that way.

We went camping this last weekend with Steven's sister Deanne and her husband and boys, and Steven's dad and Step-Mom, and when the weekend was almost over my sister-in-law Deanne pulled out her camera to take a picture of Travis teeter-tottering with the kids and I realized that I haven't taken any camping pictures at all this year, despite this being our third trip, so I grabbed my camera too.

Here is the one lonely camping picture I have taken this year:

I know. You don't have to tell me, I freely admit it: This is some pretty …


The kids played soccer again this year, and between the four of them we spent four  nights a week at the soccer fields. Unlike last year, there was no cancelling games for rain, so the season was nice and long.

It's interesting to watch the kids' personalities and interests diverge. Jordan, who came into her own on the field last year decided this year that she was again afraid of the ball, and despite being one of the most energetic kids I know she kind of dawdled around the field, more or less trying to sneakily avoid the action, as opposed to her wicked defense last year, where she was a heck of the obstacle for the other team to get around, with a powerful kick that often sent the ball back into the other end zone. But she had fun, enjoyed being part of the team and spent her fair share of goofing around and heckling other players - mostly those on her own team. Gotta love her.

Tennyson again hit the field with an aggressive determination that any goals scored would be sc…

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