bathroom reno?

Today our toilet overflowed. Elliot went to the washroom, I cleaned her up, there was very little in there and the dang toilet overflowed - all over the bathroom. I didn't even realize it at first. I went back to the living room and a moment later I could hear the splash of pouring water.

The toilet does this. A lot. Steven insists it's just because it's a shitty toilet. I raced back to the washroom and started draping towels over the water that ran end to end of the bathroom. I picked up the phone and dialed my husband.

"Steven. If you insist that the toilet overflows because of the toilet itself then bring home a new toilet."

He must have been able to tell by the tone of my voice that not showing up with a new toilet would equal someone's death.

Then I began thinking; we've never painted the bathroom. If we were going to pull the toilet then it would really be a perfect chance to paint the bathroom. I am not one of those people who would be happy painting around the toilet. From there, it becomes apparent that if I'm going to paint the bathroom I should probably change out the light fixture that is in there, because I hate it. It's ridiculous. It's not a bathroom light fixture. I have no idea where a light fixture like that would work, but it definitely doesn't in the bathroom. To change out the light fixture Steven is going to have to do a little drywall work, because the light fixture that is there (and the hole in the wall that must be beneath it) is nowhere near the center of the counter it is over.

Imagine Steven's joy when he came home to realize that a flooded toilet is now resulting in:
  1. a new toilet
  2. a paint job
  3. a new light fixture
  4. wall repair

I was talking to a friend later and she wondered whether the linoleum would need replacing if the toilet had flooded over it a hundred times in the last couple of years. I wonder too.

Don't even ask whether it is going to bother me that the new toilet is white but the tub is almond.


Sonya said…
We had an awful toilet when we moved in here. Unless we used half ply there was no way anything was going down. Once we replaced the toilet we discovered that the wax seal had half fallen in, blocking anything that was trying to be flushed away. Regardless, the new toilet was staying, as the old one was harvest gold, with a cracked seat that had been repaired with floral tape. Super classy.
Tiffany said…
Sounds similar to our super fun toilet!! It handles NOTHING. We keep the plunger in an ice cream pail beside the toilet since we have to help everything down it these days.
Lora said…
I thought of this last night when I was fighting with my toilet. I often say things like "If only I married a plumber/roofer/electrician/mechanic..." but I've learned that no. It never goes the way you want no matter what.

I miss you, I hope you are okay!
Frances said…
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