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an end to the slacking

Maybe. Apparently I've been a bad blogger. Bad. It's not my fault, really! I'm definitely one of those bloggers who writes less when there is more going on.

I commit to blogging more (notice how there isn't some sort of measure?).

Aside: Scroll down for another new post. See? Twice today already!

"i boke mitchell's bed"

His brother (the Incredible Hulk) freed him from his nap yesterday.

julie & julia

I saw Julie & Julia tonight. I really liked it.

So many times I see something that someone else has written, or a fantastic idea that someone else has come up with or invented. My ideas? Zip. I have no original ideas.

Side Note: I actually kind of believe that there is no such thing as original ideas/thoughts, but that's a whole other blog post.

The premise of the movie was cute (supposedly a somewhat true story). I recommend it. It's a girlie movie, but not a romance, so don't go running over there hoping for romance. There is a certain amount of sex. Don't pretend you don't like that.

awkward family photos

Update: Candice has emailed me the "slip 'n slide" family photo from Awkward Family Photos.
Click HERE to see it.

Yes, Candice does indeed have a darker side!

Although, I must say that it does remind me of an "incident" here last summer:
I bought Jordan a slip & slide for her birthday. She was a little wary of it, being that the water was ridiculously cold. Daddy's solution? To pick up the child and "bowl" her down the slip & slide. Boy was she mad. He had to suck up to her for quite some time to get that evil glare off her face that day!

Original Post:

I've been following this blog called Awkward Family Photos. It's crazy. I just needed to tell you that you have to check out this post. It's one thing to love your pets...

summer pictures

Hi Candice!

So I have this thing . . .

. . . Where I can't sleep. No idea why. Take right now for instance: it's 4:01am and I've been awake since 2. It's not impressive. I didn't have any caffeine last night, no sugary snacks, had a nice supper at a normal time and went to bed at a decent hour. I didn't exercise too close to bedtime (or at all today for that matter). I fell asleep fine.

Then at about 2 o'clock I had this weird half-asleep, half-awake dream where you're awake but you can't shake the dream. Ever get that? I dreamed that an epicure party was still on and I worried that the people hanging out in the bedroom would see Steven's underwear since he had tossed the covers back. I actually "discreetly" covered him back up so they wouldn't notice. After a few minutes I realized that it's unrealistic to assume that there are people in my room at two in the morning to talk about epicure. I got up, had a sip of water, used the washroom (I have to wake up a little t…

following instructions

A couple of weeks ago I took the kids to Spruce Woods to hang out with some of my friends. No, I didn't take pictures. I'm bad.Check here if you really want to see some! It was fun reconnecting with the girls I used to hang out with all the time in high school. Not that we don't now, but with jobs, kids and responsibilities there is little time left for hanging out on a beach blanket, reading magazines and painting our toenails like we used to!

A moment of note:

We're sitting on shore watching the kids. Okay, well not "shore" exactly. We're past the shore, on the grass, because we don't like to get dirty. See, we've really grown up. The kids (ages 11 months to 4 years) are entertaining themselves by the water.

Jordan comes running off the beach to tell me she has to go pee. Now you have to understand that the beach washrooms are WAAAAAYYY down at the other end of the beach. WAAAYYY down. Of course you know what I'm thinking. She should have just …