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the latest meme

Stolen from Lora.

First the rules:

1. Respond and rework. Answer the questions on your blog. Replace one question that you dislike with a question of your invention, and add one more question of your own.

2. Tag other people.

Now the questions:

What are you wearing today? This morning I was wearing my cute short(ish) shorts. I then put on a cute little green tank top but I thought it showed a little too much cleavage for the local playground. Then I switched to a pink tank top because Jordan was wearing all pink stuff (even her underwear, she'd have you know) and I wanted to match her. My pink tank top was a little irritating on my sunburned back so I traded that in for a purple t-shirt. Much to Jordan's dismay.

What's for dinner? Lasagna. I must say I make excellent lasagna. Top it off with some garlic bread, and some salad and cheese buns supplied by my mom and a delicious meal was had by all! Let's not mention the Smartie Ice Cream.

What would you eat for your last meal? H…


We took the kids to splash island today. Halfway through the day, Jordan finally mustered up the courage to hold her nose and duck down under the water. She's never done this before, and was extremely proud of herself. You should have seen her face, her joy/pride/self-esteem/all around happiness was undisguised.

I praised her like crazy. It was a big moment for her - her smile was "THIS BIG." At one point, she came up out of the water, dripping wet and I clapped and cheered as I had the previous ten times and she threw her arms around me and said "Mommy you're the best!"


The other day I was getting ready to take the kids outside. It was cold and windy out and Jordan had just put on a skimpy little sun dress. I told her she had to wear pants and a sweater with her dress (we don't mind the combos). She sighed as I pulled a pair of pants out of her drawer.

"Jordan," I said. "Don't sigh at mommy, it's not nice."

She still looke…

multi-purpose composter

Steven's building a compost box. He's weird. I know, I know, it's supposed to make nice succulent dirt for my flower beds, but still. Sacks of soil are relatively cheap.

Apparently it's about being good to the environment.

Today he was out in the garage building this big wooden box while the kids were scampering around at his feet. I came upon them all in mid-conversation, with Jordan talking excitedly about sleeping in the backyard. She's pumped. Steven tried to tease her by telling her that he was building this big box to stick her and Tennyson in. Somehow, through the twists and turns of the conversation, Jordan is now going to sleep in that box in the backyard.

She couldn't be happier.

She's wanted to tent in the yard with me so badly for a while now. I'm planning on doing that with her, it just hasn't happened yet. She's even more excited now that she gets to sleep in a wooden crate. I almost felt bad when I told her that she was not sleeping …

da da da DAAAAA!

Happy Birthday HEATHER!!

i have no...

... motivation.

Lately I have felt so absolutely unconcerned about house and home. I take the kids to diaper gym or the park, we do the odd thing with a friend, or we bum around in the backyard or have little siestas on the couch while the babies are sleeping.

I really do have a cleaning list. In all honesty I made it last week to distribute the housework over a week instead of busting my hump like crazy in one or two days. It's a great system, in theory. One hour of housework a day instead of five hours on one day. Then there is LOTS of time left over in each day to do other, more fun things.

Except that I find excuses. My excuse right now? I just don't feel like it. Okay, I know that's not a good excuse. I'm feeling house-lazy lately. I'm all for going for walks, or taking the kids for ice-cream, or heading off to the beach for a couple of hours. Then I get home and I couldn't be bothered. It's not like it's a total dump in here, I do what I have to do. …

a lazy day

Some days the weather is so beautiful and so perfect that I just want to be outside. So I layer sunscreen and minimal clothing on the kids and out we go. I've been asked what I do out there. I sit. I set up the water slide and/or pool for the kids and then I sit and laugh at them or visit with them or read a book. Sometimes I lay on a beach towel and the kids scramble to lay their beach towels next to me and lay too. Sometimes we water the plants and I weed. They don't weed, because then everything is suddenly a weed.

There is lots to do outside. There is also a lot of nothing to do outside on a hot summer day. It's great.

You know what I don't do on those days? Clean. I have a bit of a daily cleaning chart that I use for myself as a bit of a guide so that the house is more or less decent at any given time. It's been seriously slacked upon.

Then there are days like today. It's not nice outside. Perfect day for cleaning right?


more on ziplining - but not too much

Well, we're all okay. I know, I know - there would have been way more intrigue if someone had plummeted into a valley and become impaled on the top of a tree, but seriously, do we really need those things to happen just to beef up our blog topics?

I think not.

It was lots of fun though. The best part was being one of the first to zip down a cable so you could see the impressions on the faces of people who came flying in for a not-so-gentle landing. Priceless. I don't actually have pictures. I didn't bring my camera because I was afraid I'd drop it into the abyss. There were lots of pictures taken by some of the others and I'm planning on plagiarizing a few as soon as they show up on facebook, so just hold your horses!

Heading off to bed.
I'm old.

farewell sweet world

I am going zip lining tomorrow with Steven, his dad and step-mom, and Steven's siblings.

Some of the group members are being a little sucky about it - you know, making comments about plummeting to their deaths and needing to upgrade their liability insurance and things like that.

I'm not a sucky at all. In fact, I'm playing it awfully cool. I even offered to "help" by pushing the wimps off the platforms.

You know what this means right?

No hesitating, no chickening out, no going back on my calm, cool, collected demeanor. You can't show fear after you've somewhat publicly mocked others for doing so.

Not that I'm scared. Nope. Not me. Not at all. I'm not the least bit apprehensive about grabbing the years-old zip line equipment with my hopefully-capable hands and stepping off the platforms while hoping that the cables aren't old, scabby, portage online purchased, rickety, substandard messes. Not worried in the least. Nor do I secretly fear that I won&…

"the beach"



Okay, so I'm reading my last post, and my comments, and I'm starting to realize that everyone is feeling bad for me. Now I feel bad that I illicited sympathy with my ramblings the other day.

I apologize.

Please send your prayers and thoughts to my cousin Vanessa - she needs them, not me.

Unfortunately I don't really have big updates on her condition. She's still heavily sedated. I think they tried to lift her out of it the other day and she panicked so they put her back under.

I've been thinking of her lots lately and I hope she's going to start recovering soon.