I could start tickers for just about everything, but I probably won't. Not just yet anyway.

Christmas is coming, New Year's is coming, and the Manitoba Marathon is a mere eight months away. I should probably start training for that.

I'm going to go Christmas shopping on Saturday. I'd let you in on some of what I'll be looking for, but Jordan is sitting next to me, and she can read now. There is no more spelling things out to other adults in the room to keep secrets from kids, no more blogging in front of kids about things the kids aren't supposed to know.

Anyway, kind of excited about what I'm going to look at!

Jordan is cuddled up next to me. She's ten shades of white and complaining about her stomach. Is it awful to hope that it's food poisoning from the last round of bucket meat and not stomach flu? Yes, I suppose it is.


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