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first 5K in forEVER

I need to blog about Mitchell's eye exam experience later, but it'll take a minute to type it out, plus it's kind of funny so I want to do it justice. You'll have to wait.

You meaning me. Because I'm the only one who still comes here. Because every once in a while I'll go back and read my own blog for an hour and laugh at how ridiculously clever I am.

It's true. It's a total vanity blog.


I have 11 weeks until the Manitoba Marathon. I'll be running the half. I was supposed to start my 12 week training program last Monday, but I kind of didn't, because I had the super fun sore throat that only shows up in the mornings, which makes morning runs kind of sucky, and THEN that sore throat turned into Strep Throat on Wednesday night, and that's good for a week of laying on the couch long after the antibiotics have done their thing, insisting I am too sick to complete even the most menial tasks, never mind running.

This has been the worst run…